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Theory: Let's Solve FNAF!(Part 1/Many)

by ExtinctGuisher

ExtinctGuisher A complicated theory of me to solve FNAF 1-Sister Location
  • Welcome to super duper complicate FNAF The Theory. WARNING: May Cointains bad grammar and I'm terribly sorry if you can't understand what I'm saying... (and this is probably not repetitive like the other theory you've seen before)
  • Each part are divided so that you can understand better!? Anyway, let's getting started...

1.The Crying Child
Since FNAF 4 came out, everyone have been wondering... What does the crying child become after he get bit by Fredbear? Some says he become Fredbear himself, some says he become The Marionette? But I've got another theory. The crying child IS BB! Isn't it clear? All the evidences! Balloon Boy is the only humanoid animatronics along with "JJ", the "Balloon Girl". Also, look at FNAF 3's HAPPIEST DAY minigame. When all the souls are free, we can see 6 children: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Golden Freddy and wait, Marionette? No, that is NOT Marionette, that's lil' BB> The cheeks, the smiling face, but no tearlines? Also, who supposed to have a "HAPPIEST DAY"? It's BB! This minigame happened in his party, at the end of FNAF 4. And after that, what do we saw? Balloon's coming out of no where when they're free! The mysterious mask at the end of FNAF 3's Bad Ending is probably BB as well!
Also, did you noticed how Foxy attacks you in the 4 games?

In FNAF 1, he jump out at your left hand, the same with how the child's brother scared him!
In FNAF 2, whenever BB is in your office, he'll come for you!
In FNAF 4, we did he jumpscares you? In your closet, right ahead of you!
(I have no idea what to write about FNAF 3 AKA too lazy to write)

Now, you may be asking: "Then how do you explain the laughing and gigling of BB?" Easy, renember how Phone Guy said that the animatronics are attracted to noises? This explain perfectly for BB's laughing and gigling.
And that's it, for today. The theory is very long and it would make it more complicate if I write the rest of theory aka lazy, so I'm probably gonna make like 2 to three more parts of this. Welp, goodbye for now.​