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Ultimate Fists!: The Yellow Fist

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro The electric tank of the Ultimate Fists!
He was the champion. In the grand city of the Northen Bolts, he was raised and trained to be the best. He was a young elekid when he decided to become the best fighter in the world. He participated in his first tournament when he evolved into electabuzz and won first place. After defending his title as the champion he was defeated by a powerfull primeape.
The defeat was too tough on poor electabuzz that he ran off to the train in the mountains. Nobody knows how or what he did, but when he returned he was different. He had achieved something no electabuzz had done in centuries. He had evolved into an Electivire.
He returned to the tournament and took his title of champion back. The whole city of Northen Bolts was in love with their champion. Soon, Electivire had no challengers though.
Electrivire wanted to fight, to prove his power! So, he left his beloved hometown and went on a journey to find the world´s greatest fighters and prove his strength.
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