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The Wrath of Zeliyis

by BurbleBurble

BurbleBurble A Short-ish story on the all powerful Zeliyis, the main villain of Convergence: Omniversal Heroes (Or Fiction RP if you prefer that). His anger, the death of a subordinate, and his next steps.
Upon a marble throne, sat the self proclaimed god emperor. Zeliyis. Plated in gold, shining. His face immaculate, not regarding a long scar across his left eye, with a glow matching the armor. Brow furrowed, mouth twisted into a frown. Deep in thought.

Something, someone, was holding him back. Even in immeasurable power, he still needed more. Zeliyis hated the feeling of restraint, being held back. Insulting losses long ago still burned fresh in his immortal mind. But certainly their power was inconsequential in comparison to his? So there must of been some ulterior force holding him back. Trapping him and his empire...

Scratch...His most obnoxious ally. A worm who proved himself too useful to dispose of. And the god emperor hated that feeling. That he, the most powerful being in existence, needed to rely on exterior forces. The Doctor clearly was not working for Zeliyis with his best interest in mind, and even if he were, the reliance was still infuriating. He had his own scientist working on replicates, though their results were middling so far.

No matter. Zeliyis has an eternity to wait. But there was almost something childish, in his desire for the satisfaction now.

His fists clenched, raised, and smashed down upon the throne. The marble crumbled under them, the throne now having a spiderweb of cracks running across it. To his feet, Zeliyis rose. His expression unchanging, fists still clenched, completely unharmed by his display of power.

Each stomp of his feet seemed to be labored. Not that they were heavy- the god was holding back. Zeliyis had better things to do than continue to simmer his anger.

There were beings that appeared possess power, or at the least, replicating the appearance of him. These beings were instituted as body doubles. They were for show, the idea that there was more than one Zeliyis- though none truly possessed the presence that felt like in weighed down the air itself when he was present.

One such double had something of interest.

His body seemed to burn away in the moment. But it wasn’t gone- simply relocating from his gilded throne room.

The shining light of the throne room dissipated to a much different corridor. Shady, shadow filled. One certain man had apparently met the “god emperor” here. And the true Zeliyis needed to know the specifics of this meeting. From the shaded corners, the spitting image of him emerged, though this gave way to a well dressed man. This man quickly kneeled before his lord.

“Tell me. Who was this visitor, Dugal?” Zeliyis’s voice boomed out, looking down upon his subject.

“A masked man. He is called Kyuseishu, and his vassal Gilgamesh. You recall them, yes?”

Kyuseishu and Gilgamesh...Powerful warriors. One wished for battle alone, though Kyuseishu had interesting plans. A combination of worlds, apparently, utilizing something- The Infinity Rift, a theoretical connection between worlds. With Scratch’s crystals, however, it was of no concern to Zeliyis...besides wishing to rule over the worlds falling within it. “Yes. I know of them indeed. Continue.”

Dugal did as he was told. “He wished to know of our ability to move between worlds flawlessly, our crystals. I did not divulge such information, though. As I was unsure of what he would do if informed, much less confide in you for information.”

“Hmm.” Zeliyis stroked his silver colored beard. Even one as mighty as he had some relatable aspects. “Continue.”

“Before the two departed, Kyuseishu presented me with this card.” The illusionist raised the white card to his emperor. “He told me that you simply press the symbol illustrated on it, and it will signal him. To arrange a meeting any time.”

Zeliyis’s brows further furrowed as he took the card. “...Did he see you?”

“Neither my illusion of you or my true form. I stuck to the shadows, as I thought-”

Dugal was interrupted, as a strong kick punted him across the floor, right into a wall.

“YOU WHAT!” Zeliyis’s rage was impalpable, as the very air in the room seemed to get heavier and heavier for the ailing Dugal, whom had his ribcage and spine practically destroyed by the blow. The god emperor’s eyes were ablaze now, shining light ever brighter from them. “HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A COWARD, HIDING IN THE SHADOWS.”

“M-my...lord...Please...Mercy…” The frail human pleaded, as Zeliyis’s near immaculate form seemed to distort, armor shifting from it’s place. In his rage, he lost the focus to hold a proper, human form…

“ZELIYIS IS NO COWARD. YOU KNOW THIS WELL.” The once-man’s left arm seemed to come apart, muscle and tendons forming into sharpened spines and tendrils. His scar seemed to creep open further, glorious light filling the room. The card still held in his right hand, which seemed to be the only thing holding together.

“M-master Zeliyis...Nooo!” Dugal’s last sight was his own lord’s improvised weapon of an arm zooming in on him, glowing with immense energy that he could feel even from a distance...Closing in on his head.

Not a moment later, his head was a splotch on the wall, smeared on the floor. The tendrils having pierced the wall behind it. Zeliyis’s breathing was husky, rage filled...And ceased in a final breath, as his form began to return to his preferred perfection, the scar closing up, arm reforming from the sharpened weaponry it was before.

The loss of Dugal was no consequence to Zeliyis. There were plenty more doubles out there that didn’t make a fool of him. He proved useful in his final performance, but even the most useful cog could be replicated. The calling card would be used...eventually.

“Kyuseishu…” There was more thinking to be done. Dugal’s body would be left to clean up crews, his death written off as a meeting gone wrong. Gilgamesh did make a lovely scapegoat.

Zeliyis disintegrated his body again, reforming once more in his throne room. Stepping towards his broken throne, he placed a hand on the rough stone. Bits of marble began moving from the floor, back into the place in belonged on the throne, sealing itself in place. The cracks disappearing, as it became whole once more.

He sat down, staring at the card. It was time to ponder this situation.
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    When I said "post on charms", I meant in the actual rp.
    But this works too, lol. Good work, broski.
    Oct 3, 2019
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