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Wotter And Trainer: The Wotter and The Trainer #2

by Popplio

Popplio I will not want to spoil anything, so please read the first one!~
Sarah was tired, Wotter said "I will lead you to the "Cilan" with the Pansage!" All the time. And when they finally was in a Cafe and could sit down.. "Trainer! Want to battle?" A voice said, Sarah looked up. It was Cilan. Him with the Pansage. "Y-yes?" Sarah said and walked up to him. He took his Pansage out. "Its now!" He said. "Pansage Bite!" And here came the Pansage, Wotter had an "special" technic of battling.. "Smile," Wotter said and took a picture in the Pansage face! It walked backwards, it had blended the Pansage for some seconds. Sarah took her chance, "Wotter! Razor Shell!" She said. It took some seconds until Wotter finally answered. "Why?" and took another picture when the Pansage came again. But when the Pansage finally was really close, Wotter smacked a bat in the Pansage's head! "NAAAAH!" He said while the Pansage fell to the ground. Cilan was confused but still gave them the badge, "WOOP!" Wotter said and leaved the gym with Sarah. "What now?" He asked. Without answering, Sarah walked down to a girl with a building that was destroyed. "Here.. Take this Pansear so you can deafeat Cilan!" She said. Sarah took the Pansear, Wotter took his finger up on his mouth, she shouldnt know that they already deafeated Cilan, instead. They walked away. With the Pansear, that jumped on Sarah's head. They continued walking, thinking of a new nickname to their new friend. "I got it!" Wotter said and jumped up. "We could call her Sear!" He said and jumped around. Pansear took some time, and then denied. She jumped down and took a stick, and began to spell CLOEY on the ground. "Yes! Cloey it is!" Sarah said and took Cloey up. "Welcome to the team Cloey!" She said. Wotter came up on Sarah's shoulders. "Team, SUPERHEROES TEAM!" Wotter said and gave a grin. Cloey could not talk like Wotter, but was a real help. They even came to the next gym! Cloey walked in, and made a sign to the gym leader Lenora that she should be prepared. Lenora laughed and gave a sign to come on. Lenora now saw Sarah, she swung with a Pokeball and took it out, it was a Herdier. "Dawwww!" Sarah said at the Herdier. Most of the kids here in the libary gym, came. One of them with a green jacket and black hair tripped. But another kid luckly catched the kid. Sarah sent Wotter out first. "Lets get this shizzle going brizzle!" He said like he was in the 80's. But oops! Here came an Take Down from the Herdier! It hit hard on Wotter. "NGAAAAH!" He said and took his shell, not for an razor shell. No no. He began to smack it up and down on the poor Herdier. It ran, but Wotter followed it. Some kids laughed. And finally Herdier fell down. "Come back Herdier. Go Watchog! Show the brat who's the winner!" Lenora said. A big Watchog starred into Wotter. It was fast as lightning! A quick hypnosis and them spam with the Crunch's! Wotter was out pretty quick. Now it was up to Cloey. Watchog used Hypnosis, but not a really smart choice. You stand still while using Hypnosis, and Cloey dodged it! And gave the Watchog a pretty hot back with an extreme Flamethrower. Watchog walked around trying to get it off, Cloey walked in for a big Flamethrower again. And it hit. Again, and again. Until Watchog was out, as soon as Sarah got the badge, they leaved. Unto the next route!
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