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The World of Pokémon

by Dr. Matrixus Chapsworth

Dr. Matrixus Chapsworth A chapter-based series about a group of Pokémon traveling the land.
Chapter 1
The rain poured down on the small town. Swampert, returning from a shopping trip, was heading back for the hotel he and his group were staying at. "I know I'm a Water Pokémon," he thought to himself, "but rain sure bugs me."
Eventually he walked inside the room where the four other friends were at. Nidorina then said, "You're back! Did you find anything good while you were out?"
"Yeah," he replied. "Some food, drinks... enough for tonight's stay." He proceeded to place out all the food and drinks he had gotten. "Eat up."
Immediately Sneasel began to dig in. "NOMNOMNOM!" he shouted as he scarfed down a turkey sandwich. "Man, that was gooood!" Sneasel said, patting his stomach.
Braixen calmly dug into a bowl of cereal. "Thanks for getting us food again," she politely said.
"Hey, if I won't do it, who will?" Swampert replied.
Umbreon started eating some toaster pastries. "Yummy!" he satisfyingly said. "Swampert, whenever you go out, you always bring back the goods!"
"Yeah? Whatever money can buy, I suppose." Swampert said. He then walked over to the window and looked at his Swampertite, hanging on a chain around his neck. "I wonder if I'll ever find someone as powerful as me," he thought to himself.
"Swampert?" Braixen said as she tapped him. "You thinking about your Mega Stone again?"
"Yep. Just wish there was someone out there that could give some excitement, a real fight."
Nidorina finished her meal and laid flat on her bed. "Delish! Time for bed, I'm stuffed."
Swampert then agreed and turned off the lights. "Tomorrow we'll probably set out once again."
Everyone then went silently to sleep. The next morning, they prepared to begin traveling again, when a Shiny Poliwrath appeared.
"Excuse me, but I couldn't help noticing that Mega Stone on your necklace," he said. "My name is Poliwrath, and I'm the local Gym Leader. Perhaps if you're looking for a fight, you should come by."
Braixen then nudged Swampert, saying, "Maybe this is your chance for a good fight!"
"Yeah..." he said. "Alright, it's a deal!"
It didn't take long for the group to arrive at the Gym. "Welcome one, welcome all!" Poliwrath excitedly said. "Hope you're ready for a real good fight!" The rest of the group sat in some bleachers, while Swampert readied himself for battle.
"This will be a one-on-one battle!" said the referee, a Wobbuffet. "When either Pokémon is knocked out, the other wins the match! If both contenders are ready..."
"Ready," Swampert said.
"Ready!" Poliwrath shouted.
"Battle begin!" the referee shouted, throwing down his hand.
Swampert started off by rushing over with a Close Combat. Poliwrath blocked most of the hits, sustaining little damage, and shot him with Flash Cannon.
"What...? Flash Cannon? How do you know that?" Swampert asked, mind-blown.
"Let's say I have some outside sources. I have a modified TM91. I taught myself the move."
Swampert then used Mud Shot and blocked Poliwrath's eyes, then hit him hard with Hammer Arm. Poliwrath, clearing the mud from his eyes, then used Whirlpool and did a ton of damage to Swampert.
"Alright... it's finally time!" Swampert declared.
"For...?" Poliwrath asked.
Swampert tapped his Mega Stone and he began to glow. His body transformed, and he became Mega Swampert!
"Oh-ho!" Poliwrath exclaimed. "Very impressive! I've never seen a Mega Swampert in person before, and it does not disappoint."
"Heh-heh," Swampert chuckled. "The real fight starts now!"
He used Close Combat and scored massive damage on Poliwrath, then followed up with Seismic Toss.
"We have a winner!" the referee shouted. "Swampert wins the match!"
The group cheered as Swampert shook hands with Poliwrath. "Good match. I didn't think I would stand a chance against a Mega Evolution. And I didn't!"
"Thanks for fighting me; it felt pretty good to get a battle in."
Poliwrath handed him a badge, which appeared as a fist with water details.
"Accept it. You've earned it."
The group then departed for the next town. Poliwrath, however, pulled out a small communicator. "The Swampert is strong... but it's nothing it can't handle," he reported.
"Indeed," a shady voice replied. "None will stand against our might."
Outside, Swampert was showered with compliments.
Sneasel said, "You were awesome!"
Umbreon said, "You were amazing!"
And Nidorina said, "That was totally awesomazing!"
Braixen then said, "You did really good, against a Gym Leader no less. I'm pretty proud, even though I didn't train you."
"I did alright, but I've got a long ways to go before I get even close to the Pokémon League."
The group exited the town and set off on the path to the next one.
  1. Dr. Matrixus Chapsworth
    Dr. Matrixus Chapsworth
    Chapter 2

    Everyone was still abuzz at Swampert's win a few days ago. The badge glimmered as Swampert held it.

    The group, composed of Swampert, Braixen, Sneasel, Umbreon, and Nidorina, had been travelling all around the Jakkus Region, or some of it, anyway. They had been looking for new challenges, at least on Swampert's part, and new adventures.

    The friends, after traversing the second Route, came upon another small town, not unlike the one they had just left. They found out the name - Treebark Town - and found a place to stay for the night, another hotel.

    During the daytime, however, Umbreon overheard some of the locals talking about something.

    "You saw the meteor?" a Bonsly asked.

    "Yeah... it seems like there's something inside, but I'm not sure what..." an Oddish replied.

    Naturally, Umbreon told the others about this: "There must be a meteor around here, and there's definitely something inside.

    Nidorina, complexed, said, "A meteor? From space? Unlikely. Meteors haven't fallen in Jakkus for, oh I don't know, 200 years. Especially since this is Treebark Town and not Meteorite Town where the last meteors fell."

    "Yeah," Swampert replied, "but if there's a meteor, no doubt adventure awaits!"

    "But, Swampert..." Nidorina said.

    "Plus, if there's a Pokémon inside, then you can battle it!" Sneasel encouragingly shouted.

    Swampert then agreed and the group set off.

    Far away, another group was searching for something, too.

    "Sir?" a grunt asked.

    "What is it now?" an admin said, annoyed.

    "The meteor we've been monitoring... it's... active."

    The admin was shocked, and immediately reported this to a leader.

    "Yes, what is it, Poliwrath?"

    "The meteor is active. There's definitely something inside."

    "I'll send your fellow admin over. She'll take care of it."

    "Of course, sir," Poliwrath accepted. He turned off the communicator. "Well? What are you lazy Krabby and Corphish waiting for?! Keep looking for the Blue Orb!"

    The surprised grunts immediately went back to work, tirelessly searching for this orb.

    Back at Treebark Town, the group found the mysterious meteor. It certainly looked intruiging, but no one could tell if something lay inside.

    "Can't anyone tell if something's inside?" Braixen asked, somewhat distraught.

    Swampert glared at it, then tapped it lightly.


    He poked it a little harder.

    And it shook.

    He lightly punched it.

    It shook more.

    He punched it moderately.

    It shook even more.

    Finally, Swampert threw a Brick Break at it, and the meteor started shaking furiously. Cracks all over it quickly escalated into holes, and finally the entire thing shattered.

    The DNA Pokémon, Deoxys, appeared out of it, fully awake.

    "Whoa!" Swampert said. "Is that a new Pokémon?"

    Deoxys charged up a Hyper Beam and proceeded to fire it at Braixen, who shouted, "WHOA!"

    Immediately Swampert jumped in the way and shot it with a cold Ice Beam, which neutralized both blasts.

    Deoxys, recharging from the Hyper Beam, simply looked at the group. He almost seemed to be scanning them, trying to determine something about them.

    Swampert jumped in the air and launched a Brick Break at Deoxys. He took some damage, and stayed on the ground, his left hand on his left knee.

    "Swampert... what is it?" Braixen asked, her heart pounding in her chest.

    "A Pokémon," Swampert replied. "A powerful one. I'm getting excited!"

    Deoxys got up and threw a Shadow Ball at Swampert, who blasted it with Scald.

    "Hey, can you speak?" Swampert asked. "If you can, please say something. We don't want to injure you any further!"

    Deoxys simply looked at Swampert.

    He walked over to the meteor's remains and picked up a piece, and began to glow. His body transformed and changed, and he appeared... different.

    "Speed Forme obtained."

    "He can talk," Swampert thought to himself. "Looks like I'm in for a fight."

    Deoxys charged at Swampert with Meteor Mash, moving far faster than Swampert had ever seen a Pokémon move. Of course, he scored less damage than normal, due to Swampert's resistance to Steel.

    "Please stop fighting!" Nidorina shouted. But Deoxys didn't listen.

    "Opponent proves resistant to current moveset," Deoxys said, almost robotically. "Tactical retreat until further notice."

    He then immediately zoomed over to the Treebark Woods and vanished.

    "Aw, man," Sneasel said. "You didn't even get to Mega Evolve."

    Swampert looked at him, then looked again at the Woods. "Doesn't matter. I know he'll be back, and when he is, we'll go all-out!"

    The group returned to Treebark Town, and an administrator came upon the meteor's remains.

    "Hmm," Milotic said, grabbing a small piece*. "Looks like the meteor was just a container after all." *Milotic can use her long hair as hands, at least in The World of Pokémon.

    Back at the hotel, everyone went in their own bed. Soon enough, Sneasel, Umbreon, and Nidorina were sleeping, but Swampert noticed Braixen looking out at the stars.

    "Hey, Braix. Is there a problem?" he asked, putting his arm over her shoulder.

    "I'm weak, aren't I?" she asked, not even looking at him.


    "I felt it earlier when I was about to get hit by Deoxys. I'm not even close to your power level. And there are so many dangerous Pokémon that are far stronger than me. What if I'm alone and can't defend myself? What if--"

    He put his hand on hers, as tears fell from her eyes.

    "Braixen, I'll never leave you alone and defenseless. I'd never leave this whole group!"

    She wiped some tears away.

    "I'll always protect you guys. I can even train you, y'know."

    She sniffled. "Thanks, Swampert. You... you make me feel complete."

    "Yeah?" he said.

    Braixen then kissed him on the cheek, so naturally Swampert's cheeks turned red.


    "See you tomorrow," she said.

    "I will."

    The two went off to sleep with everyone else.
    May 26, 2016