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The Wings of Eternity

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Hey! It's finally here! Remember, this will be posted in chunks, unless the device decides to actually properly copy and paste.)
Cold wind howled around a mountain range, the moon continuing to rise and shed it's pale light onto the ground below. The stars were glowing like little white embers in the sky. A river rushed down the side of a mountain, running down into a field and into a lake.
In a cave in one of the mountains were several cats, their eyes resting on a cat on a rock, which was angled towards the sky. "Blizzard," the leader growled. "And Clarice. Bring your kit forth."
Two cats stood there, nodding and gripping a dmall black kit with blue eyes. They padded onto the rock and set the kit down. "As we all know, it is against our Code of the Moon to have more than four children. Our first leaders had no more than four offspring, yet here you stand with five." The leader hissed. The two cats lowered their heads, but the father, a large, thick-furred, gray tabby tom with white paws and darker flecks, looked enraged instead of ashamed.
"You have no right to cancel us out because of this!" He spat. "We cannot control how many kits are born!"
"You still broke our code!" The leader snarled. "Either execute the kit, or send it away." Those words stirred a flurry of yowls.
"Send the Plague away!"
"Kill her!"
"Banish her beyond return!"
The voices were angry and afraid. "Fine!" Blizzard snapped. "Clarice, send her away!"
A silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes nodded with sorrow and picked up the kit and padded out of the cavern to meet a cold, icy river. She set the kit on the cold stone and stared at it, before nudging it in the river. Confused, the kit started to wail.
"Good luck my child," Clarice murmured, her voice thick with sorrow. "And may you find peace elsewhere..."
The kit continued to wail, trying to return to it's mother with flailing paws. It was swiftly carried away.
"I'm so sorry..."