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The White Raven

by Maiden of Ghosts

mmm Mega daichi.png
Maiden of Ghosts Oh look, I live! Yeah, haven't been around here much lately. Aw well. Though that's partly because I haven't had too much art I wanted to post here, since... What I've been drawing lately had been pretty much nothing but gijinkas? And I don't post gijinka stuff here as much as I post feral Pokemon stuff.

But this is one gijinka that I'm pretty darn proud of, so I figured I'd post her here! This is Daichi the Shiny Absol, in her Mega form. :D Some of you may remember her from this picture. She's one of the five founders of the Dragons' Fang assassin guild. Her title as one of the strongest of the guild is "the White Raven", because of both the wings she gains in her Mega form (which she is always in for combat and such), plus the fact that traditionally, ravens are seen as harbingers of doom, bringers of death and overall bad omens. A lot like Absol, if you ask me! ;D

(Oh and the tattoo she has is the emblem/symbol/whatever for the Dragons' Fang guild~)
  1. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    Ooooooooh! Grantables really likes this one. ♥
    Apr 21, 2015