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The waters of sea floor cavern

by TheAlanticWalrein

TheAlanticWalrein So I'm just reviewing the pokemon in sea floor cavern and what team aqua did. Hope you like it :)
Ah the sea floor cavern where kyogere rests if you want to get to the bottom of this I'm your guide.So there are many puzzles you have to go to get to the main room,unless you literally
Watch walkthroughs on YouTube. Clampreals will clamp you with you try to awake kyogere.
Team aqua tried to awaken kyogere to follow Archie's commands but things were terrible. (This is based of from pokemon generations ep 8) kyogere awoke in his primal form but did not listen to Archie's commands instead he destroyed everything until a trainer named.........
Whatever showed up and stopped primal kyogere.(this is just an alternative way it should have ended).Or Archie could've just use the master ball in his hideout.THE END
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  1. TheAlanticWalrein
    Sorry the emoji just poped up when I wrote eight
    Oct 22, 2016