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The Warm Rivalry Chapter 1

by FableFlame

FableFlame Everything starts when these two trainers fight as masquerade trainers which was a trainer who shows her royalty and family with the mask they wear
We start off with a girl named Gwen and a guy named Mint they knew each other since they were little Gwen had a Saladit and Mint had a Snowrunt they were both good trainers and battling was a instinct to them they commonly battle with one another building a friendship/rivalry with each other. They were at the lake Gwen was dipping her feet in the water as Mint was leaning near a tree watching her when Gwen closed her eyes saying "Mint I know your there" she said smiling as he smirked and walked over to her and dipped his feet in with her "well I know you can after what happened" her hair was in pigtails and a little bit of hair was in front of her left eye covering it. He smirked moving it and saw a eyepatch and said "I see your parents covered it after they found out" she nodded sadly as Mint kissed her forehead and said "don't worry I will always cherish the memory of if" she smiled and said in confusion "wait you liked it but you teased me for it" Mint chuckled hearing it "I was playing with you I really liked it put hey now it gives you more reason to be a masquerade trainer" she punched his arm and said "not funny Mint I don't this eyepatch in the first place" he chuckled and said "ow" as they chuckled and they and said "let's battle".
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