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The war

by TheBoomerangGamer682

TheBoomerangGamer682 I hope you like my first creation!
Team Mystic for life!!
A long time ago, before Johto had been discovered, there was a war in the region of Kanto. A battle between 3 teams - Mystic, Valor, and Instinct. The leader of team Mystic was Blanche, the leader of team Valor was Candela, and the leader of team Instinct was Spark. Spark's trusted second in command was Surge. Valor was currently in the lead, using their level 50 Pokemon. Candela's Magmar was even winning against Blanche's Starmie.

Only one member in team Mystic was serious about the whole thing - Red. He was desperately searching the battlefield for powerful Pokemon. Pidgeys, Rattatas, Caterpies, a billion Nidorans, and Ekans. "*SIGH*", he said.

"Hey, kid!! TRY AND BATTLE AGAINST MY ELECTABUZZ!!!!" Boomed Surge. Red accepted, stupidly. "Go, uh - Arbok!" The cobra flew out of the Pokeball. "Char - bok!!" It cries. "GO, ELECTABUZZ!!!!" Electabuzz lands with a thump on the ground. "USE THUNDER!!!!!!!!!" A one hit K.O. on Arbok. "Uh..." Red murmurs.

Suddenly Red sees a huge bird in the sky. "ARTICUNO!" he yells. The whole battlefield quiets down. "Go, Blastoise!" Blastoise uses Hydro Pump.

Red throws an Ultra Ball...


"I did it! I caught Articuno!" He runs up to the Pokeball. "Now try and fight my Pokemon!" Team Valor and Team Instinct instantly retreated. Surge got moved down to lieutenant and became the leader of a cheap gym in Viridian City. Red becomes the Pokemon League Champion of Kanto and discovers the Johto region.

The war is over.