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Lealista Clan: The Walls Have Eyes

by Rainbowditto

Rainbowditto Sorry from the stray from Katie's main adventure so much, but I thought I needed some more practice outside of my comfort zone. Hope you're enjoying learning about my dragon clan on Flight Rising!!
You walk slowly throughout the empty halls of the second floor. The dragons that you've spoken to so far seem to not like talking about this place. But why, you can't tell. So far all you've seen on this floor was the occasional pile of bones, but that was normal for a Plague clan. And much more normal for a Plague clan that was started by a mirror dragon. Still, something does seem off, and it's more unsettling than the dungeons. Why did every dragon seem to avoid the topic of the second floor? And why did it feel like you were being watched?? You shudder and fasten your pace. It had been a while since you had felt this uneasy. Just then, the distant sound of talons walking on cement echoed through the hall. You shiver, unsure if you want to call out to whatever is out there... Still, it seems as if the dragon coming towards you isn't planning to stop anytime soon, and it isn't long until a ghastly white dragon comes into view. He has open scab wounds all along his left side, and it looks like both of his horns were broken off. His eyes are white as snow, but a red pupil the size of a pin resides in the center of each eye. Bloody bandages droop from every limb he has, and his tail is broken in places. You suddenly are frozen with fear. Was this a ghost you were seeing? Or was this creature something far more horrid? You turn away, not wanting to know the answer to either of those questions and begin to run. A shriek comes from the thing's mouth, but it doesn't seem to be chasing you. Still, the thought of becoming it's lunch isn't exactly appealing, and you keep running forward.
It doesn't take long for you to realize that the mangled dragon is long gone, and you slow to a stop. Your breathing is heavy, and you sit down. You sit on something wet and squishy, so you decide to stand back up. Glancing down at the thing you had sat on, your mouth dries. It's a dead spiral. It's head is laying at an awkward angle and half of his face is scarred with gashes and burns. The stench from the corpse is overwhelming, and you can hardly breath without gagging loudly. You feel sick, and want to leave. That's when another dragon's head drops down from the ceiling. Her head is covered in a black wrap with only her right eye showing. A birdskull rests on top of her head, and more bones are attached to her via strings and leather strips. She smiles at you happily, and already you can tell that this dragon isn't all right in the head. Still, maybe you should follow her to get out of here....
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