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The Wallflower and the Concert: The Wallflower and the Concert {Chapter 1}

by Iceblossom

Iceblossom Blossom is a wallflower and hates going to concerts, but Lily drags her out to a Weird Al Yankovic concert. Cute moments ensue. Lily is credited to @Starfall and Weird Al Yankovic is credited to himself I guess XD
Blossom sat in her hotel room, drawing. A knock interrupted her thoughts, and Blossom got up to answer the door. She opened it, and Lily was on the other side.
"Hey Bloss!" Lily cheered, and hugged Blossom tightly.
"H-Hey Lily. What's up?" Blossom chocked out.
"Oh, I'm hugging you too hard! Sorry!" Lily blushed and released Blossom.
"No problem. What's gotten you in such a cheerful mood?" Blossom asked.
"Well, I heard that "Weird Al" Yankovic is in town, so I was thinking maybe we could go to his concert?" Lily asked hopefully.
Blossom became super nervous, but didn't let it show on her face. "S-Sure! Let's get tickets!" Blossom stuttered. Lily smiled, and jumped onto Blossom's bed. She opened up her laptop and got onto the tour website. Lily got two standard tickets for the 'Orchestra Section' of the theater. They were in the middle of the section.
"Okay, there we go!" Lily exclaimed, and two tickets popped out of a little compartment in Lily's laptop. She grabbed them and handed one to Blossom.
"T-These are for t-tonight?" Blossom asked, her eyes widening in surprise.
"Yep! We have a few hours to get ready. It's three o'clock right now, so I'll come by your room at six thirty so we can get there at like six fifty five which gives us five minutes to get settled and-" Lily was cut off by Blossom putting a finger to her lips.
"Okay, see you at six thirty." Blossom sighed.
"Bye Bloss! Love ya!" Lily called and walked out of Blossom's room. Blossom started to panic.
"No, no, no! I'll suffocate in a mosh pit, I'll have a panic attack!" Blossom cried. She took a deep breath. Blossom searched through her closet and found a purple t-shirt, a black skirt, and some black leggings. She got dressed in those clothes, and began to brush her hair in the bathroom. Hours passed, and soon enough, it was six thirty. Lily opened Blossom's door, and Blossom greeted her with a nervous smile.
"Ready?" Lily asked.
"Ready as I'll ever be." Blossom responded. Frost, Blossom's Glaceon, brushed up against Blossom's leg. "I'm sorry, Frost. They don't allow Pokemon to come." Blossom pet Frost, and turned to Lily.
"Let's get going!" Lily grabbed Blossom's hand and they began to walk towards the theater. After walking for a bit, they found the theater. Both girls got their tickets confirmed by employees, and began to walk towards their seat section. Blossom was holding Lily's hand tightly, as if she was going to die at any second and Lily was the only thing keeping her alive. Both girls walked through the doorway, and what Blossom saw horrified her. Thousands of people were all there, yelling and cheering for the opening act. Lily led Blossom to their seats, and sat down. Blossom was so nervous, she felt as if she was going to pass out. Tonight was going to be terrifying, and Blossom could sense her fear.
  1. Iceblossom
    Mar 6, 2016
  2. Starfall
    Mar 6, 2016