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The Usual Suspects

by NonAnalogue

usual suspects redraw.png
NonAnalogue This is a redraw of the very first piece I uploaded to the internet (not including The Insane Asylum), which you can see here (colored version here.) They were the original main characters of what became Another Winter; as you can see, none of them (except for Ryker, who's in those other pictures) ever appeared again. As may be obvious, they were originally Ace Attorney fan characters early on in conception.

From left to right:

Maria Leonora "Leo" Moreno Black: No stranger to the legal world, Leo has a solid win record and a reputation for being able to squirm out of tight situations. She comes across as meek and unassuming due to her size, but she's a formidable defense in court. She has trouble sleeping through the night and frequently has to take quick catnaps during court recesses to keep her mental state sharp.

Alexander Bradford Reynolds: Nobody knows how long Alexander has been working as a judge, but it is generally agreed that it's a very large number of years. He's very stoic and doesn't generally speak in long sentences; however, when he does voice his opinion, he does it with authority. He has a large collection of bowties, and his grandchildren always find novelty ones to send to him when they travel.

Bryce Walker Atkinson: Bryce is an experienced prosecutor who comes from a long line of legal stars. He can be arrogant and condescending, but he claims he isn't that way on purpose. He has a habit of interrupted the defense in court with laughter if they something he can contradict. He takes great pride in his appearance and always makes sure that nary a hair is out of place.