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Pokemyst: The Unwinnable Fight

by Epikart

Epikart A rouge Dragonair escapes it's trainer to encounter a friendly Goodra.Dragonair's trainer wants her back,so he plans to work for Team Plasma to get his Pokemon back to his abuse.
"KEEP WORKING!Then you MIGHT be able to become a Dragonite and become useful!"Dragonair was about to give up a fight with a strong Vanilluxe.She used Dragon Rush again by force,even when she knew Flamethrower.The Ice type used Blizzard and knocked Dragonair off her tail.Her trainer,Kyle,was an abusive Pokemon kidnapper who forced their slave labor for his own good.
And not just in her mind.
"I told you you were useless!!!Why didn't you try!?"This was Kyle's excuse to blame a loss on his Pokemon."Nair!D-dragonair....."This meant that Dragonair was trying all she could,but she was against an Ice type."Don't give me that crap!Return!"Dragonair returned to her Pokeball jut as she heard her Trainer scream."Go,Hitmonlee!"
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