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Adventures in: The Unlikey story of friends (Pt.2 1/2)

by Koda ESP

Koda ESP
Part 2 1/2
So... yeah,

Dj begins to breath heavier, never had she seen any monster like that, or any hero stop a monster like that, and the fact a professor did it was even MORE amazing! Pain however, was more ill than impressed... "What are you doing here Lab coat?! Don't you have computer to stare at!", Pain exclaimed. Koda sat down, and began to breath slowly... "Answer me! What was that all about!", He said again, reaching for a pokeball...

"Easy Mr. Bad Guy... what you know is about as much as I know, I'm just saving your life. If you wanna talk about it more I'll need a drink first.", Koda said, and returned his jolteon.

Pain took his offer and they began to walk to the nearest town. Dj was ecstatic! She kept asking question about why he used jolteon, what was that thing, and if he was alright... all Koda did was smile and say," give me a sec."

When they got to LimeWell city, they sat down in a diner, and Koda began to drink his Soda. "You see, There's been some weird stuff going on, PC's are down, Wild pokemon are being found away from their regular biomes, and there's some kind of gamma like rays... the beast is some how tied to them I know, but I don't know how.", Koda said, and took another drink. "I've called the lab, and requested for one of my assistants to bring me my pokemon, until then. I'm sticking with you too. After all, were already neighbors".
Pain and Dj stared at each other and said of course! "Great", Koda said, "I'll pay for myself" and they went to the local inn...

As they left the diner though, Pain seemed to play with something in his pocket. "So its here", he said... and followed behind them.

The end...
Wow, pretty good stuff right there, stay tuned for part 3!
  1. Alex The Hydreigon
    Alex The Hydreigon
    Sep 29, 2016
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  2. Koda ESP
    Koda ESP
    Sep 29, 2016