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The Type-Doesn't-Match-Looks Club

by 016_The_Electric_Dream

016_The_Electric_Dream A list of all those Pokémon who don't look like their types.
Charizard is the most infamous example of a Type-Doesn't-Match-Looks. It looks like it should be Dragon type, but it is in fact Fire/Flying. (Mega Charizard X, however, subverts this example by swapping out the Flying type for Dragon.)

However, there are many more.
  • Goomy is a bizarre purple blob, such that first glance may give you the idea of a Psychic or Ghost type. But lo and behold, it's a dragon. What the what?!
  • Then there's Gyarados, which looks like it should be a Dragon-type but is Water/Flying with a Water/Dark mega.
  • We also have Nihilego, or UB Symbiont. Its icy colors and rounded hat motif bring to mind Ice/Fairy or Ice/Psychic at first glance. I was SHOCKED when I first found out it is actually Rock/Poison.
  • Next on the list is another UB - Pheromosa aka UB Beauty. It does not look like it should be a Fighting type! But you can somewhat see the roach element that makes it a Bug...
  • Lugia looks like it should be a Dragon of sorts but is really Psychic/Flying.
  • Luxray has an appearance that brings to mind a part Dark-type, but in reality, it is pure Electric.
  • Midnight Form Lycanroc is a pure Rock type despite being spooky enough to look qualified as Rock/Dark or even Rock/Ghost.
  • Galarian Ponyta concludes the list (as far as I can remember) by looking like a Fairy of sorts but really being pure Psychic.
  1. Havoc_The_Gandalf
    I swear Eelektross is missing a Water/Poison type.
    Oct 14, 2019
  2. EeviumZ
    How about Luxray? I feel like that should be Electric/Dark.
    Oct 12, 2019
    Havoc_The_Gandalf likes this.