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Gold's Jurny: The Truth

by Dayton Young

Dayton Young Book 3

Gold now confused with feelings of haveing a brother, and a step mother, heads to the region of Unava ...

4 mister it's chapters of gold trying to find his Familly.
Gold now confused with the feelings of havering a brother, and a step mother, heads to the region of Unava ...

Chapter 1 - A Story of War
"Professor, please tell me were he went after he talked to you" Gold demanded
"Well he went towards the Elite Four, but that was years ago" The previous Professor of the Unava region said.
"I have to find him"
"The war was long and hard, but even now in times of peace, ... He would be off exploring another region by now for Shure"
"What do you mean"
"It's bean over 10 years, and if he was a explorer he must be somewhere else by now"
"Like were"
"Well after I told him the story of Kyurem, ... Well he must have went to see it, so why not check Kalos"
Gold sets off for his next region, the Kalos region. It was a long stormy Jurny, even on the back of his Ho-oh.

Chapter 2 - A Legendary Place
Gold had arrived in Kalos, and headed towards the place of legends. Thier were four mazes around him, and atleast three resembled a pokemon. A statue of Zekrom, and Reshiram were on both sides of him. Fasting a fountain, he bent down, and pulled a switch, and revealed a secret door.
Gold walked down the stairs, and found a kid with brown hair, a yellow shirt, and glasses. "Um, ... Hello"
"Wow, how did you get down here"
"I just pulled the lever next to the fountain"
"Oh, well I guess you know my hideing spot"

Gold, and the kid walk to Lumios City, and thier they talk at the train station, and the kid agrees to help Gold, if he doesn't tell anyone about the secret hide out. Gold agrees, and asks the kid his name, and he responded as Matt. They both return to the base and explore.

Chapter 3 - The Legendary
Gold, and Matt both explore the dungeon, and stumble on another secret room, when Gold leans agents a wall. They enter, and inside they find A stone.
"I'm going to pick it up" Gold says quietly
"Be careful Gold it's thousands of years old" Matt warns
Gold picks up the stone, and it starts glowing, and all the sudden Kyerem appears. "Wow" Gold says, as the ground slowelly turns into ice. The Kyurem pays no attantion to them, and walks straight into a wall, but ... It passes though it as if thier was nothing thier.
"We have to catch it" Gold says
"Why" Replise Matt
"Because it might be able to help us find all the secrets to this place"
Gold, and Matt walk around the dungeon for hours alone hours, until they find it, and Gold yells "You will be mine" at the Kyerem, and throws a Pokeball at it, and with luck the Pokeball caught the Kyerem that quickly.
"How did you catch it without even damageing it" Questioned Matt "That was no Masterball"
"... Because I'm awsome"
Kyerem leads them to the room, and reveals a door. They all walk down it, and find a message.

*Gold Wakes up*
"What just happened" Gold asks Matt
"You were hit by Darkrai"
"What, wait ... Did you see a Kyerem"
"What about a stone"
"I've Sean many stones down here"
"No, a shiny one, it glowed when I touched it, ... In the secret room"
"The only thing in thier was a Darkrai, and the only thing shiny was it's attacks, but here I did find this"
Gold reads the note, it says:To whoever finds this, I have explored this dungeon for 3 years, and think I have found the secret legendaries; the first being Darkrai, and _ h_ve fo_nd ___. If you ever f_nd this note, please tell my Familly my name is La____er __________.

Chapter 4 - A place I'll meat you at
"If I'm ever back in town, I'll make Shure you know" Gold told Matt, and gold left for Johto's Ruins of Alph. "It's time arceuse, Weres Mew"
"Dnegel niatnuom"
"Mountain Legend you say, ok"
With that Gold left to find the mountain known as Legend. It took him three months, but he had made it, and he climbed it. "Mew were are you." The ancient mew plate had fallen from the heavens of the peaks cave. "I summon You". Mew had appeared out of the stone, and flew to Gold, saying to him.
"MEEEEEEEEEEW ~ Your father, and Brother are beyond my gates"
"I will catch you"
With that Gold threw the only Masterball he has ever owned. "Mew your mine." The ball shoot three times, and mew came out, being captured. Mew showed Gold the Gate of Laer, and behind it, thier was his familly

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