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The Truth in a Ferris Wheel

by ChampionZ_Pearl

ChampionZ_Pearl Pearl, a trainer originating from the Hoenn region came to Unova for a new taste in adventure. After becoming the champion and defeating the sinister, Team Plasma, she's decided to reside in Unova longer to see what's become of the whole region. Her best friend, N, has disappeared after Plasma's defeat. Revisiting the Ferris Wheel in Nimbasa they shared moments with, alone, she recalls the intertwining values the two of them had. The two trainers' connections with pokemon were equal yet so different.
The Truth in a Ferris Wheel[​IMG]
My name is Pearl. I came to Unova 2 years ago for something new. I was requested by Professor Rowan and Birch to go visit a colleague named Juniper. Since that request, I've never dreamed to be a trainer like this.

I became the Unova region's champion after defeating the the former champion, Alder, and have resided in Unova for some time. In the past, I faced this strange organization that nearly enslaved all pokemon. I put a stop to them but with help from one guy. Green-haired....mysterious...clever.... truthful. We battled side by side to defeat this team called Team Plasma. He had a strange past that pulled his image towards the evil team. However, I never changed the way I looked at him.

His name has nearly faded from my mind...N. Simple name, but he had a complex mind for many. We encountered one another personally in Nimbasa City's famous, bright Ferris Wheel. It's become my favorite location in Unova. Even the most memorable.

When we spoke to each other that night, this connection sparked like a zap from a Pichu. Exciting, but short. Yet, the whole mood was nearly calm. We talked for as long as the Ferris Wheel rotated. One revolution talking about each other. The second about pokemon. The third about both.

I revisited Nimbasa and came to the Ferris Wheel. I rode it alone staring out at the sunset across the city. It brought me at peace. My thoughts still recalling that one night:

Flashback. . .

N: Pearl, don’t you feel like pokemon are just trapped with us? Like we’ve imprisoned them in these pokeballs to just do as we say instead of living their own lives.

Pearl: (chuckles) You care a lot of pokemon, huh?

N: Yes. They’re what’s raised me. They’ve listened to me and I them.

Pearl: You have your answer.

N: What?

Pearl: You’ve answered your own question. (sighs) If our pokemon were so trapped and imprisoned...why are they happy? Just because we give them luxurious things? Just because we protect them?

N: Isn’t it?

Pearl: You’ve misinterpreted yourself, N. I don’t like to think of these pokeballs as their prison or jail. It’s more like a way to chain pokemon and humans together to be in the whole world’s prison. It’s linked us together.

N; Your Samurott for example… It’s taken pride of itself already. Don’t you feel like you’ve done enough?

Pearl: It’s never enough. Every pokemon I’ve raised...they never have a limit to what they can be. I never did that to my family.

N: Shouldn’t humans set limits to what they do with pokemon?!

Pearl: . . . At times...yes...at times no...Would it matter? Maybe. Do they understand? I don’t know. Humans and pokemon alike are strange beings. We strive to grow, survive, and evolve. Why set limits to these things? It’s all a matter where the chain breaks and we humans set out and never see pokemon again.

N: I don’t understand. Don’t you think we’re hurting them?

Pearl: It’s sad to know that you think humans so badly...if we hurt them so...I can’t forgive myself...The chains let us move together. Feel each other’s pain. We don’t separate them from freedom ...we bring it together as we look for freedom. Maybe the pokemon cannot be truly free, but...we can let them be truly happy.

After that, I didn't see N for long.

End of Flashback

The ride is over and I get off. Several tiny trainers run up to me recognizing my face, giving me compliments, asking me questions. They were all so adorable. They reminded me of how I started out in Hoenn.
I've already spent 2 years in Unova already. All those years just to find N. All those years just to tell him something. I wanted to tell him goodbye.
I grab a piece of paper from my bag and write down a note. I give the note to the man running the Ferris Wheel. I tell him:

Pearl: If a man named N ever comes here, please give him this.

Man: Uh, sure no problem. What if he doesn't come around, miss?

Pearl: He will.

I leave pulling out my Xtranceiver to call Juniper.

Juniper: Hello?

Pearl: Hey, professor it's me.

Juniper: Evening, Pearl! What is it? Anything new?

Pearl: Sort of. I need you to take care of my pokemon for me.

Juniper: Are you leaving?

Pearl: Yeah. My pokemon need to stay with you in the mean time.

Juniper: I see. Where are you going?

Pearl: I got a call from another pokemon professor in another region. Says he's interested in working with me as an experienced trainer.

Juniper: Well, then send me them anytime, Pearl!

Pearl: Thanks, professor.

I end the call between us. I sighed and look at the pokeballs lined around my waistline. I had to say goodbye to them too.

I head over to a nearby pokemon center to make a long distance call.

Pearl: Hello?

Sycamore: Ah! Hello, Miss Pearl!

Pearl: Hi.

Sycamore: Have you decided to change your mind after a year?

Pearl: Yeah. I'd like to see Kalos for myself.

Sycamore: Very good choice! What's changed your mind?

Pearl: Just some personal matter. Just need to move on now.

Sycamore: I've prepared 3 pokemon for you already. I'll send a ticket to Kalos and have someone guide you to my lab.

Pearl: Thank you, professor.

Sycamore: It is my pleasure to welcome you soon to Kalos, Pearl!

The call ends. I rest for now knowing I've decided to end my story in this region.


1 Week Later...

I was all ready to go as I said goodbye to my pokemon back at Nuvema Town just a few hours ago. I rode Hydreigon to Castelia where the boat would be to take me to Kalos. I said goodbye to Hydreigon once again.

I remember those times when it was a Deino and then a Zweilous. I said farewell to my three headed friend. Hydreigone flies away with great speed as I expected.

I head to the dock and present my ticket. As they take my things, I look back at the tall overview of Castelia. The artistic views in the city were marvelous. I'll never forget.

A flash of green passes by my sight. I blink a few times. I looked around. A pokemon approaches me. A Zoroark? It pulls me by my hand and leads me to somewhere. An alley in the city. I had to leave soon, or else the boat would leave me!

The pokemon lets go into the shadows. I look around. I heard a soft voice.

N: So you're leaving?

I turned around. N...

Pearl: N...?

N: You're leaving huh?

Pearl: Y-Yeah. Where have you been?

N: Where are you going?

Pearl: I'm leaving Unova. I thought you left Unova. I figured. I might as well leave and start a new chapter in my life you know?

N: And leave your friends?

Pearl: My pokemon will be fine with Juniper!

N: I mean me.

Pearl: Y-You?

N: You're leaving me, aren't you?

Pearl: Not exactly. I'm leaving Unova itself. I'm putting behind this place of memories to make new ones in Kalos.

N: Kalos?

Pearl: It's where I'm going.

N: I see.

His face looks rather disappointed as he slightly scoffs to himself.

N: You're breaking the chain between us and you. Why?

Pearl: Well, didn't you always want pokemon and people to be free? I'm setting them free here in Unova for now.

N: They're not happy!

Pearl: No...You're not, aren't you, N?

He became quiet. I sighed. I looked at my time. I had 5 minutes to run to the dock.

Pearl: I thought that all these years it was to continue this game of life to find you N. Turns out it wasn't. I've finished it. It's been 2 years since I've finished it. Now, I'm just starting a new one. But for now, I have to leave the old one behind.

I go up to him with a smile. I understood how he was feeling as I gave him a peck on the cheek. I pull out a warm , pure, and white spheroid. I place it in his hand.

Pearl: Take care of Reshiram for me, my prince.

N: Pearl...

We shared one last hug before I ran to the docks. I get on the boat. It starts to move and sail out. I see N out on the dock waving goodbye. I waved goodbye as well. I feel a nudge on my waist and hear something pop out. I look down and saw a tiny Zorua! It looks around and then at me. This one was different. Instead of being tipped with red on its fur, it was blue. It jumps into my arms and waves at N as well. What a mischievous pair...

I sit down with the Zorua. I told it:

Pearl: You and I are going to leave Unova together you know?

Zorua: Zo!

Pearl: (chuckles) N snuck you into my pocket right?

Zorua: (snickers)

Pearl: (sighs) You and I are going to start a new adventure together. In Kalos, we'll be unstoppable!

Zorua: (cheers)

It wasn't time to disconnect myself from Unova just yet, but it was finally the time to leave. It was now the conclusion of my fun and games in Unova and save the adventure for Kalos.

" Goodbye, Pearl...I'll meet you again on the Ferris Wheel.Thanks for showing me the truth. "
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  1. Lizzie101
    This is such a good story plot! It's so sad though. Unova is one of my favorite regions! I also love the character n as well:blush: it's sad that pearl is leaving him.
    Feb 29, 2016