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The True Story Of Gale

by AliTheDarkTrainer

AliTheDarkTrainer So you all probably thought Gale was always a murderous maniac, guess what... you're wrong!
To start off Gale is a shiny gardevoir, male of course. Everyone knows him as a killer, but he wasn't always like that... The story starts off in the Hoenn region, inside Mauville Hills (Pretty odd huh?) with sister Hope and Faith, and a girl (Who's name has been long forgetten). It started out with Hope and her shiny Ninetails Luna running to the elevator for it to be stopped just in time by the girl. (Most of the details have been lost in time) As they were exiting people were running terrified from what was in the center of Mauville City... It was Dialga and Palkia fighting each other. They sent out their pokemon, Hope sent out a regular gardevoir given to her by her sister Faith. (Hope is mainly a fire type trainer) While the girl sent out her Shiny gardevoir, she called it Gale... They both mega evolved battling the to titans, Gale using Dazzling Gleams and Gardevoir using Moonblasts. They had no luck... and were hit hard with an Iron tail and Hydro Pump. The only thing they could do was head to Sootopolis City to find Steven and Wallace to help them send Dialga and Palkia back to where they came from. When they arrived by air (On forgotten pokemon) they were lucky to find Wallace and Steven talking to each other. Hope spoke in a rushed and worried tone, "Dad we need your help!" Steven turned to Hope, "What for?" The Girl was shocked to find out that Steven was Hope's father. "Dialga and Palkia are fighting, we did our best t stop them" Wallace had told them that it would be best if they went to the Distortion World to find Giratina, since they weren't in Sinnoh they couldn't stop the legendary pokemon from the song. (How they got there has been forgotten) Once they arrived in the odd dimension Hope got out a pokeflute with a dark ball as park of it, she played the old lavender town theme (Where the girl was from) and Giratina slowly warmed up to her everytime she played the song in a creepier way. They had returned to Mauville city where Steven and Faith were distracting the large pokemon. They battled they pokemon with Giratina. Gale, Gardevoir, Luna, Sol, Mettagross, (And other forgotten pokemon). But to no avail, not too long into the battle Hope and Faith were knocked unconsious. (How they awoke was forgotten) Hope got out her pokeflute once more and played a very loud off key note... (Everything after this point had been forgotten) Now you know Gale's past he wasn't always able to talk or was a murderous maniac. Now you are probably wondering how Gale became who he is now, well one day Skye called me and said, "He Ali i'm gonna make Gale a murderous maniac!" I responded, "Why?" She answered back, "Because I want too!!" Yep that's what happened, sadly the name of Gale's original trainer has been forgotten but we still remembered Gale and Luna, and now Gale is still here to this day.
  1. LokaMocha
    Lies. All lies. ( Jk wuv u fam :p )
    May 16, 2016
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