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ruia region: the three amigos who are also starters

by flamsrcool

flamsrcool these are the three starters who are also amigos I am working on this region with my amigo muddy mudkip

the grass one is spikeathorn the fire one is flamabit and the water on is krystly

spikeathorn's pokedex entry no.1 grass type, base stats: HP 45, Att 45, Def 55, S.Att 45, S.Def 55, Spd 63

flamabit's pokedex entry no.4 fire type, base stats: HP 65, Att 63, Def 45, S.Att 45, S.Def 45, Spd 45

krystly's pokedex entry no.7 water, flying type, base stats: HP 55, Att 55, Def 45, S.Att 63, S.Def 45, Spd 45