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The Thief and the Warrior

by NightRaven

978E18BA-E8FB-42A4-AF38-F5C765CE7AB5.PNG FD550A56-C895-4E5D-8EBB-7014FD272833.PNG
NightRaven Here's an explanation for this; these are characters I may or may not use sometime.

The first one (Kayala) is a thief (obviously). She's stolen from pretty much everyone she's ever met. Some know her as the "vixen" or "fox" as she looks like one and kind of acts like one.

The second is T'eiq (a Khajiit I created in Skyrim XD It actually seems like a normal name for them. He's a warrior in the game -I like explaning a lot-). The sword beside him is what he calls "Breaking Dawn"; mainly because it breaks bones unusually easily (however, the sword is only something I created; most likely not even in Skyrim [I'll say it isn't XD ]). Luckily, the hilt of the blade was curved and so he can easily hold onto it. He finds himself fighting off anything he can find that is hostile.

I just felt like creating these characters. I dunno why, but I just did. Heh.
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  1. NightRaven
    Thanks ^^ heh. I have two goals; to either draw realistically or like Finchwing, but it seems my path is going slightly to the realistic side—just some proper lighting and shading, along with a more natural look and I may reach one of my goals.
    Jun 12, 2016
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  2. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    You're getting so good! ^.^
    Jun 11, 2016
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