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The Theifs Strike

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper This is just like my Omega Chapters but in journal fashion 20 days 20 parts.
September 11, 2000: Today's my 11 birthday and the day I get my Pokemon. Ok his Lab should be right. SSSSSS BOOOOM. Uuuhh HUH hey what the ... Good one Matt. Thanks ok let's gett out of here before the cops get here. Yeah. (5 minutes later) Huh hey its a pokemon whats your name? Mudkip. Guess your name is Mudkip who were those people whats this a Pokedex ok gotta find the Professor. BIRCH. PROFESSOR BIRCH. Ugh huh oh no they could be any where by now with them. Are you Professor Birch? Yes and who are you? Alpha. Hhhhmm oh your uum oh yeah your here to get your first pokemon right? Yeah thats me ok I choose Mudkip. Ok you could i... Mudkip. Hey you got Mudkip such greatness and happiness oh great so I guess you can have Mudkip but you gotta help me. Why? I had 2 other pokemon saved for 2 people called Omega and Delta but the theifs took Torchic and Treecko. They should of went??? toward Lilycove city here use my Goomy to help. Ok thanks I'll leave tomorrow morning bye. Bye.