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the tale of the pirite of the 7 puddles pt.1

by Jamison2007

It all began on a rainy night when Junes Oshawott ran away. He went to Sniive and Teps :arr: hub. "Arg.. matte" Oshawott was greeted by Sniive and Tep."Do you guys have any boats " Oshawott said in a quivering voice. "Indeed we do matte" Sniive and Tep said. "Why ya wimp" said a trashy voice. It was Garbodor . "For escaping sir " said ohsawott. "To were is the question young man" Garbodor said.
" To the 7 puddles sir" said Oshawott. "Aha ho he ah" Garbodor let out a roaring laugh. "Don't laugh at him we have a adventurer here" said a icy voice ."I Vanillux thy third will help this young man get to the 7 puddles" "and none of you will stop me" said Vanillux thy Third. And he floated toward Oshawott. the end of pt.1 :o pt.2 will come soon