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The Sword of Courage Full

by FlamingRubyRed

FlamingRubyRed It's finished!
The Sword of Courage
Chapter 1: Dusk and his mission
Hello. My name is Dusk. i am 10, and 3 1/2 feet tall. I have neon green eyes and brown wavy hair. I live in Wisconsin, Neenah. My family is of on an adventure to retrive The Sword of Courage. It has been a myth for over seventy-five million years. it is said that it would grant any wish for eternity, and can make lightning bolts come from the sky! They say i'm to young, but i'm older than my sister, which is 8, but still, she gets to go! I know what i should do now. I grab my sword and go out front door. "A big adventure awaits for me!" I said to myself.
As i walked down the street, i see a gold nugget that has an engraving on it. "what is this?" i asked myself.
I decide to keep walking and put the nugget in my pocket. But when i turned a corner, to my suprise, a thief! "give your worthful-worthless, nugget to me!" he yelled at me. I responed with, "If it's worthless why do you want it?" it was obvious why he wanted it, though.
He took out a crooked dagger.
But i took out my smoke scatter.
i threw it and smoke went everywere. i ran while he couldn't see me. "phew!" i thought to myself. I kept on walking. It was getting late, I heard wolves howling and I was tired. I was looking for an inn as I was walking down the streets of Neenah. Then I saw one! Mid Night Inn. i opened the doors and it was very clean for the lack of cleaning here in this town. But there was a suspicious essence getting thrown at me. I decided to go to sleep. I slept in the cleanest room. I saw a radio and tuned it to some fantasy music. i drifted to sleep.

Chapter 2: The Mystery
The next morning I heard footsteps by my doorway. I looked out the door but no one was there. I was worried. I heard a scream. "AHHHHH!!" I ran downstairs to see a deadly shadow beast ate sombody.
I took out my sword and fought it. The shadow beast cut my arm. But right at that last moment i cut of its arm with some of its beard... i think thats what it is, at least. The symbol on its chest turned into a portal!
I threw in one of my pennies. It exploded! I didn't go in. it dissapeared in no time. I heard the Inn crumbling. I knew I should get out of there. By the time it finished crumbling, I wondered what did that. "Oh! Umm, Hi!" i heard. "Huh? " i said.
The voice was a girl. She had sparkly light blue hair with sapphire blue eyes. "Hi! Do you know who did that?" she asked.
"No i don't. sorry." i replyed.
she said back, "It's ok. well, sorry for not introducing myself. im Sky.
Whats yours?" I told her my name was Dusk. Then she asked me another question. "What were you doing in there, anyway?" I told her the whole story. Another question she flung at me. "Could i travel with you, too?" I answered, "Sure! Lets go!" She pullled out a purple bow.
"DUCK!" she yelled. I did. She shot an arrow over my head and killed a wolf that was going to attack me. She suggested we go to her tent in Viriday Forest. we decided to eat, first.
Chapter 3: The split up
I lost a tooth in my chicken. "How old are you?" i asked Sky. "10" she replied. then an orne appeared. We both
stayed our distance. One touch and we would be finished! sky kept shooting it. I, well, couldn't do anything, sadly. Once we killed it, we ran very fast. know why? A HORDE OF MONOEYES WERE CHASING US! We killed them, but we were very weak. Sky found (stole) a health packet and used it on us so we had our hp was 100% again.
Even my strength points went up by 20! As we were walking, my swords blade set on fire! it went out and the blade looked cooler.
I liked my old swords new look. Now, we were in the desert. Kahumi teritory. we where worried. Kahumis are very, VERY dangerous! all of a suden, one poped out of the ground!
It was scary looking. We ran faster than before! But the Kahumi was fast, too! We had finnaly out ran it. I asked, "are we to your camp yet?" "almost" Sky replied. We where now in a jungle biome (a biome is like a jungle, desert, ocean, woods, ect;) It started to rain hard. It was POURING on us!
We had gotten to Skys tent, but the theif that i ran into in Neenah was there! Sky yelled, "THEIF!" I took out my new sword and said, "if you steal one more thing, your dead for dinner!" The theif ran out of the scene. Sky handed me somthing. It was an emerald! it was a rare kind, as well!
She said, "Keep it. it's good luck. we split up from here. i go west you go north. i will get my brother, Nick, to go east. Understood?" i nodded my head yes. But i was still worried for Sky. i thought to my self, "i hope Sky doesen't get caugh-" The rain stoped and there was a big boom.
Me and Sky both said, "Huh?" Sky said, "Get going, Dusk." I nodded.
I walked north.
Chapter 4: Great Tragidy
It was now 1:00 am! i didn't have supper, so i was hungry. i went hunting and found a bear! it had a strange yellow O on its belly. when i killed it, i obviosly cooked it and ate it. i was tired though. i set up my sleeping bag, (had a backpack with me) and went to sleep. Sky was doing fine on her path. She was walking when she saw a Griffin! It swooped down and attacked her. The griffin
Picked her up and took her to its nest. Its claws dug in Sky so bad, she was coughing. When the griffin got to its nest, it saw Sky bleeding badly. They were 199 (roughly) miles up. The griffin kicked Sky off the nest and Sky was flailing through the clouds. As I woke up, I went to the meeting spot. (this was all planned while being chased by monoeyes.) He waited, waited and waited! he saw Nick coming. he had Orange hair, wavy like Dusks hair. Nicks eyes are Purple. "Dusk! Guess what...?" Nick said. I replied, "what? did somthing happen?"
Nick yelled at me, "YES! SOMTHING DID HAPPEN! MY SISTERS DEAD! A GRIFFIN DROPPED HER 199 FEET UP IN THE AIR!" Dusk got a frown. "I knew it." I said in a quiet voice. "she was caught by Volt."
Nick said, "Volt? who is that?"
I answered, "My pet griffin. he turned evil one day and is trying to kill me. He sensed Sky was my friend." Nick cut in, "I know shes in a better place, now. lets get going. we'll see her again someday" Nick started to cry.
I saw my dad. "Be right back" I told Nick. "Hi, dad! weres mom and sister?" my dad replyed, "Mom didn't come, but your sister, Gem, well, we lied. she didn't come. she was dead before that." I burst into tears. "this is a great tragity..." I said.

Chapter 5: No Regret

Dad, Nick and I started walking when they heard a russtle. "huh?" we all said. then a trent jumped out! We ran as fast as we could. But then, to our suprise, two of
them appeared!
We ran even faster. But one grabbed dad! i took my sword and cut its arm off. it stunned the Trent a little bit. It fell down a cliff. "bye bye!" i said. The other one was still chasing us. As it was trying to get past some vines, i took my sword and sliced its head off. We looked in front of us. There was a cave with a sign that said Medusas Tunnel. "AwwhahahaYHHEEEAAA! LETS GO FIGHT MEDUSA!" I yelled. But Nick said, "Wait. Were not prepared." But I was already wandering inside. Hmn... left forward right forward left forward. I was planning getting to her that way. I was imagining what she'd look like. Yhea. I dont
Wanna know. I found a door with a sign saying Medusas Chamber. I opened the door. I heard a hiss. She... was... behind me. i took out my sword
and went for the headshot. But she toxinated the sword and made it hers! And, well, the sword looked horrible.
I remembered what Nick said. He was right. I wasn't prepared. The only thing I was prepared for was to die. But then as i looked behind me... the Sword of Courage! I picked it up and told Medusa i was ready to fight. She readied her sword and so did i. we were both ready.
Swing swing! I sliced of a red snake on her hair. She fell to the ground. There was a blinding white light. all i could see was an outline of Medusa. When it was over, Medusa was gone but hades was standing there infront of me. He was big,
firey, and red. In a low, raspy voice, he said,
I steped away. I saw a trap door and jumped down it. I said, "Bye!"
It lead to the start. I saw dad and Nick there. they said, "DUSK! We thought you were Dead- you HAVE the SWORD of COURAGE?"
I nodded. They tryed to steal it from me. I said, "Teleport to a VALCANO!" Thats where i was.
I said, "Once this sword burns, bring me dad and Nick HOME! I threw in the sword and it burned. We were at Neenah again! "What Happened to the sword, Dusk?" Nick asked. i replied, "Its in a volcano."

The End
  1. Skyy-chan
    Pretty good!~ A little short though, and the grammar and tense were a little wobbly...but, still, it was good!
    Jun 8, 2014
  2. AshCatch'Em
    Its in a volcano. XD
    Jun 7, 2014