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The Sun Shines on Others

by HeyItsPip

HeyItsPip I tried whipping up a story in five minutes. This is about a boy and his Chespin (the best boi).
Some might call him weird for picking Chespin.

Sure, a more cruddy clone of Shaymin verses a ninja frog and a wizard fennec? Yeah, not most people’s cup of tea. He doesn’t care.

He’d adore that Chespin until the very end, and I’ll do my best to retell in in the best of my ability:

“Chespin? Freaking Greninja can mega evolve, but you chose Chespin?” A boy, one Peter had usually seen him straight up taunting everyone, jeered at him. “Meanwhile, Chesnaught is just as pathetic as Breloom! Weak! Weak!”

Peter ignored him. “It’s better then whatever you had done,” he grumbled, not caring to think about a better remark.

The boy snorted. “Ooh, you’re so scary! Please don’t hurt me!” He mocked, nose high in the air as he trotted off.

His Chespin bounded up to his trainer, gazing at him and grinning. Peter smiled back as he petted the Grass type.

Dingus I ran out of time.