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The Subspace Returns (SSB4): The Subspace Returns (SSB4) Chapter 1 Mushroom Kingdom Madness

by pokeman266

pokeman266 In the latest Super Smash Bros there was no story/adventure mode. This is what I think it would've been like.
It was a sunny summer's day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad Town was bursting with activity. Toads were walking this way and that, they engaged in light conversation with their neighbours and overall it was a normal day. Princess Peach was standing on the balcony of her castle, looking over at her subjects. She turned her head slightly and looked longingly in the direction of the house of her beloved Mario.

Suddenly, an explosion went off in the middle of Toad Town Square. Giant shadows quickly passed through the panicked town. Peach as well as all the Toads looked up to see a dozen of Bowser's airships! The ships were about the size of a dozen Toad houses put together! In the front of each cruiser was a large head of the notorious Bowser! Toads were shrieking and running all over the place and Peach was still standing on her blacony staring at the havoc that was unfolding in front of her. The biggest and most impressive of the airships hovered next to Peach's castle. Dozens of Koopa Troopas climbed out of the ship to the castle's balcony with spears all pointing towards Peach. But another hulking figure got out of the ship, none other than Bowser himself!

He jumped on the balcony and stood there in front of the princess with a large grin. Mario won't get in my way this time! He thought to himself. After many years of failed attempts to capture Peach, he finally decided to do something he hadn't tried yet. He called it "Having a strategy". While he kidnapped Princess Peach with a hundred or so of his men, the rest of his army would go to his rival's house and distract him long enough for him to go scot free. He let loose victorious laughter, "Bwahahahaha!" . This was going to be the day that he finally won! This was the da..... a fireball hit Bowser square on the chest and almost sent him flying off the balcony. A red blur hopped on the balcony standing in between Bowser and his prize. Hatred coursed through Bowser's veins and a small amount of fire breath escaped his mouth as he stared at HIM. Another blur jumped on the balcony then slipped, fell, and got back up again, this one was green. Mario stared at Bowser with fire in his eyes while his brother Luigi stood behind him with a worried expression. It was time for a fight!

Note: Please tell me any constructive criticism you might have and/or spelling mistakes I made!
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  1. Azur
    I was disappointed that the new games didn't have a story mode, so I am very excited to see how the rest of this story unfolds. It is very good so far, and I saw no spelling or punctuation errors.
    Mar 28, 2015