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The Story You Never Knew: Frisk

by Sylvious

Welcome to the Story You Never Knew series! Special Thanks to @Mewtwofan259 for giving me the idea and Treesicle for even creating the series on Youtube. This installment is Frisk in Pacifist Route! By the way, this is just a fan fiction. This isn't canon, and is just a story for fun. Please don't rant about this installment just because of it's non-canon story. Feel free to use this story for an rp. Anyway, here is The Story You Never Knew - about Frisk!

The Story You Never Knew


On the Surface
Frisk was a human that resided on the surface. She didn't have a family, and lived in the forest. She was only eight, and didn't talk much.

One day, Frisk decided to climb Mt. Ebott. Oddly, 7 other human's disappeared after climbing Mt. Ebott. She still climbed it - despite the other humans warnings. Frisk was successful, until when she fell into the mountain.

The Ruins
Frisk landed on yellow flowers, which saved Frisk from her death. She walked forward, only to be found by Flowey. He tricked her into going into the bullets, and attempted to kill her. Luckily - Toriel saved her. She lectured Frisk about The Ruins. Eventually, Toriel had to attend to business. Despite her warnings, she went ahead. Frisk encountered many monsters, but merely spared them.
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