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The story of the eevee twins part two

by Therealist770

(Esbra) eevee you're a espron now (umbra) wait what you have a espron now oh I see what's going on (???) Hello (umbra and esbra) huh (gardila) why hello there I'm gardila and I'm a pokemon master I'd like a battle please (esbra) you got (umbra) (stops her form finishing) I'm umbra I would like to battle you eevee come on out (gardila) OK I choose you venasaur (venasaur) saur venasaur (umbra) eevee use bite (Eevee) EEVEE (umbra) now Swift (gardila) (whispers) venasaur act like it hurt (venasaur) venasaur (gardila) ah venasaur return NOW
(Umbra)Eevee We did IT (HUGS AND KISSES ) eevee (eevee) eevee
(Narrator) eevee evolved into umbreon(umbra) eevee you evolved into umbreon thanks gardila (gardila) you are welcome hey here's a free chikoreta (umbra) wow I didn't use any pokeballs
Narrator well that's all for now see ya in the next part also is you don't like eeveeluitions I suggest you STOP READING THIS STORY K
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