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The story of the eevee twins part three

by Therealist770

(Umbra and esbra) MOM OUR EEVEES EVOLVED (eve) that great son did you find
A chikoreta (umbra)yeah you can have it I only want eeveelutions (eve) great listen I'm is sending you guys out on a mission some one has been capturing eeveelutions glaceon jolteon vaporeon and flareon I need you to save them also that guy it evil so yeah (umbra) I call glaceon and jolteon come on Sis
Narrator 3 hours later (umbra and esbra) O MY GOD IT TOOK THREE FLIPIN HOURS TO GET HERE
(umbra) (opens door ) hello esbra we need to split up you go left I go right (esbra) right (umbra) hello anyone here huh mom lied HUH the eeveelutions glaceon and jolteon but where are vaporeon and flareon (???) Nobody knows also no one touches my Pokemon okay you Little WIMP (echoes ) WIMP WIMP WIMP WImp Wimp wimp
(Umbra) YOU CALLED ME A WINP ILL HAVE YOU I HAVE YOU KNOW I BEAT FANF4 21 TIMES ANYWHO let's Battle wimp umbreon go use shadow ball and then dark pulse (umbreon)UMBREON (???) CHAMELEON COME OUT AND USE DRAGON CLAW THEN A FLAMETHROWER (umbra) umbreon you OK
(Umbreon)umbreon (umbra) great attack him I'll free the pokemon but first use scratch on the cage (umbreon) umbreon (umbra) all right get out glaceon and jolteon (???) Oh no you don't chameleon dragon claw on the boy (umbra) raghhh he cut me he cut me (???) Now kill him (umbra) no umbreon HELP (UMBREON) UMBREON!!!!!!!!! (umbra) umbreon's mega evolveing (???) Chameleon look out (chameleon) charrrrRRRRRRRRRRR (esbra) brother I freed them (umbra) glaceon jolteon run to my little sis (espra) espron use psychic carry my brother back home (umbra) umbreon return sis watch out for that man huh he's gone one day I'll find him and kill him (narrator) a long walk home (umbra) mom I got cut (eve) nothing a med kit won't fix (umbra) oh god no (narrator) half an hour of screaming later (umbra) thank god thats over mom I think umbreon mega evolved (eve) oh son eeveelutions can't mega evolve (umbra) that's what you think
Narrator well that's that did umbreon really mega evolve will the man ever return
find out In a couple of parts
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