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The story of the eevee twins part five

by Therealist770

(Umbra) mom I'm bored I want to battle something (esbra) me too (eve) hey you guys can battle (umbra and esbra) she's right (umbra) umbreon go use shadow claw (esbra) alright espron psychic (umbra) use swift then shadow ball (esbra) psybeam and psysmash (umbra) counter with soulbeam also go frostbite (esbra) ha come on sylveon use pixelate espron psychic (umbra) use iceberg and shadowslash (esbra) no espron thats it return sylveon use attract (umbra) huh no UMBREON frostbite come here NOW fine return go sparks use thunderstorm and Thunderbird (esbra) huh NO SYLVEON (???) hello I'm new (umbra) huh its a mew I've never seen one in person (Mew) I've lost my trainer her name is Ada she's very beautiful (umbra) I'll help you find her stay here sis (esbra) MOM I WANNA GO NOW (eve) go spy on him (esbra) really (eve) yeah (umbra) so mew where did you last see her also do you think we could be a thing or something (mew) I saw her at the battle frontier its right there also since she is single yeah (umbra) YES so what happened at the battle frontier (mew) she was In a match (???) Mew its YOU (mew) ADA (ada) who's this mew (mew) this is umbra he found me (ada) thanks for finding new also your pretty cute (umbra) thanks you to (ada) (kisses umbra) umbra I love you (umbra) well not what I was planning but OK do you wanna travel together (ada) sure (esbra) HI IM esbra (umbra) sis I told you to stay home let's go home (a long walk home) (umbra) mom meet ada my girlfriend (eve) welcome ada hope you enjoy your stay (umbra) (Kisses ada) (eve) OH GOD NO
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