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The story of the eevee twins part 4

by Therealist770

(Umbra) morning jolteon glaceon and umbreon (hugs them) umbreon thanks for saving me from that man one day you'll need to save me from my mom if I go through the med kid again EVER (umbreon) umbreon (esbra) morning blaze and espron (umbra) and vaporeon (esbra) oh yeah you to vap (umbra) so you nicknamed you pokemon well sparks frostbite and umbreon are ready to battle (eve) kids I see you've nicknamed you pokemon jolteon is sparks glaceon is frostbite flareon is blaze and vaporeon is vap also son umbreon can learn flash (umbra) naw where'd ya find that one out (eve) google ya know what I'm gonna call your dad (umbra) no mom not dad he's not even our dad he is just your boyfriend
(Eve) he is also you rival (umbra) no mom don't talk about the battle in front of her (esbra) what battle (eve) oh yeah while you were on vacation in the aloha region me and your brother battled you dad his real name is anili and you brother you used a sceptilie against a mega charizard X (umbra) mom no no no (eve) shut up I'm not done so he used leaf storm while charizard used flamethrower your brother is stupid for that I had a mega blastoise (umbra) why mom just why (???) Hello (umbra) DAD my mom was just telling esbra about our amazing battle (anili) don't care I want a rematch (umbra) you got it umbreon go shadow ball (anili) charizard mega EVOLVE and use dragon CLAW (umbra) oh no umbreon dark pulse NOW jolteon come out and use thunderbolt glaceon come out and use iceberg the move I made up (anili) ha charizard use flamethrower inferno and ember (umbra) quickly everyone Dodge ah no glaceon please hold on (glaceon) mega EVOLVES (umbra eve anili and esbra) HUH (umbra)
sparks thunderstorm 'frostbite icebeam and umbreon flash so charizard can't dodge or attack (anili) no CHARIZARDDDDDDDDDD (umbra) I I Won I've never WON a battle against a mega evolved pokemon (esbra) or ever (umbra) shut up (anili) here eve I've been meaning to give this to you (eve) a sylveon you know what esbra give me vaps pokeball now I want you two share sylveon (umbra and esbra) aw man (anili) goodbye son And esbra imhope I'll see you two again when I do I'm gonna battle you two (narrator) well yeah umbra's pokemon can mega evolve also I know mega eeveelutions aren't real but I and about 5000 other people want them to be so YEAH PEACE
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