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The story of my Unova adventure. chapter 6

by Espeon_aura

Espeon_aura In this chapter, I carry on in route 1. Hope you enjoy.
We carried on talking to each other but it concluded in us having a pokemon battle. I had an advantage as my Oshawott had water gun which would be very useful against Bianca's Tepig. We both sent out our lillipups. Mine was a male and hers was a female. This didn't make a difference to our battle it just coincidentally meant that we both had a Lillipup of our own gender! Fancy that. My Lillipup used tackle and Bianca's used leer. I knew this meant that the defence of my pokemon had been lowered. I used tackle again before her Lillipup could strike and thankfully that knocked out the opposition. Sadly, Bianca withdrew her Lillipup and threw out Tepig. I decided to switch to Oshawott as well. I used water gun but unfortunately that wasn't enough to make Tepig faint but soon I had won and Bianca had lost and we both decided to go to accumula town. Apparently it lay just north of route 1 which was handy. Maybe there would be a pokemon centre there.