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The story of my Unova adventure. chapter 4

by Espeon_aura

Espeon_aura In this chapter I started going through route 1 and who will my encounter be!
As soon as I walked into route 1 I felt immersed in nature. Pine trees and oak trees surrounded me. Flowers of all colours were wherever I looked. There were bushes and grass where wild pokemon hid and played in. There was a river to the left of me and there was some sort of fish swimming in the azure, rippling waves. I pulled out my pokedex : BASCULIN the hostile pokemon - red and blue basculin do not usually get along, but sometimes members of one school mingle with the other school.
Wow, I thought. There are two forms of that pokemon, I wonder what the other form would look like. But I unfortunately didn't have time to think as there was a rustling in the nearby bush. Oh my gosh ; there's a wild pokemon.

"Go Oshawott!" I shouted. The poke ball flew in the air and out came my starter pokemon. "Good to see you buddy," I said as he landed in the lush grass. "Use water gun!" Oshawott nodded in understanding and used water gun on the wild pokemon. The thing was, I had no idea what the pokemon I was fighting was! I suddenly got my pokedex out and it turned out the thing I was battling was called a Lillipup. I definitely wanted this cute puppy on my team so I used water gun again and then I through a poke ball at my encounter and.............. I caught it!

I was very chuffed about myself. I'd caught a wild pokemon. By myself. I was relieved that I had caught it and that it hadn't run away as that would have been extremely annoying. Imagine what Mum would say! I carried on walking down by the river bank and after about 1/2 of an hour I spotted Bianca. "Bianca, Bianca?!" I called out as I ran up to her.