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The story of my Unova adventure. chapter 2

by Espeon_aura

Espeon_aura In this chapter I am going to tell you guys about me getting my first pokemon. Hope you enjoy XD
I got out of bed and practically fell, out of the top bunk and stubbed my toe. 'It didn't matter' I thought as I raced down the stairs and, once again, crashed into the wall. I scoffed down my breakfast and gulped down my cup of tea. Hastily, I ran back up the stairs and got into my travelling clothes which consisted of a navy blue jacket, a satchel, a red and white hat and a pair of black trousers. I was all ready to go and get my pokemon now. It was finally the time!!!

I walked out of the door and the fresh air of nuvema town greeted me as the bright sun shone on my face. I looked out over the birch fencing out onto the sparkling waters that twinkled in the sunlight. It was at this moment that I heard a door click. Make that two doors. Curious I turned around and was quite astounded to find 2 children about my age. I walked up to them and said hi and asked who they were. It turned out that they were also getting their first pokemon today which I thought was amazing. Imagine that, two friends travelling alongside you with pokemon. This day was getting better and better and better! Their names were cheren and Bianca. Bianca was wearing a vibrant green hat hiding a blonde bob underneath however Cheren had longish dark hair and glasses. Apparently (according to Cheren) we were going to get to choose our first pokemon out of three starters. One was a water type, another was a fire and there was a grass type as well. We made our way to the other side of town together discussing what we were going to do on our journeys.

Once we had arrived at the lab, a familiar face greeted us at the window. It was professor Juniper!
She opened the door for us and offered us inside. without hesitation we stepped inside and saw many mechanical machines and stacks of books on pokemon origins:love:. Impatiently Bianca asked where the pokemon were and professor juniper laughed and showed us to one corner of the room. On the desk there were 3 poke balls. It was the moment!

Oshawott : I fell in love with this cute little water type otter straight away. It was quite a defiant character and showed a lot of personality through its actions. Its large eyes and its cute little shell made him an irresistible little pokemon.

Snivy : This cool looking grass-ivy snake had a bad-ass appearance and its long tail and menacing eyes gave it a cool, malevolent glare and appearance. It would be a great choice for any team it seemed.

Tepig : This cute little fire pig was very small and chubby. It had a heart-warming smile and played around with it's tail before curling up and going to sleep.

I had no clue who I was going to pick at the time but my decision was......