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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 8

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
On the way to Starburn City, We found a massive crack in the ground. "Where are we?" Bridget asked. "This is Dragon's Gorge." Nathan Replied. "We need to find a way across." Said Bridget. Then Conner said "How about we go into the gorge! We can find a cave that could lead back up to the surface. Plus I could get my hands on a dragon type!" Nathan replied, "No, that is a terrible idea we could wake up the sleeping... Hydreigon." Conner had already gone into the gorge. Caeser and I followed. "Wait up! Bridget hollered, making small jumps from ledge to ledge. Nathan took one jump all the way to the bottom of the gorge. Caeser said, "Yo Milo, what kinda Pokemon do you think are down here" "I dunno maybe some axew, Bagon, noibat, maybe Noivern, and also HYDREIGON!!!!" I cried. It was awake and ready to attack. "This is what I tried to warn you about. According to my studies this beast is lvl 70!" Nathan scolded. Bridget, without thinking said, "Bagon go, use dragon pulse!" The Hydreigon used a dragon pulse about 5x the size of Bagon's. "I have an idea! I can distract him while you guys find an exit." said Conner Enthusiastically. "Sounds good to me." Bridget replied. So we ran. I used mud slap 3 times on the Hydreigon. It lowered its accuracy. We found an injured axew as we ran. "Oh no you poor guy." Conner said empathetical. Conner immediately picked it up. Bridget called him, they had found an exit. "Really, where!" Conner asked. Bridget replied "Your standing about 300 ft from it. "Oh no." Said Conner We had to RIDE THE HYDREIGON out of the cave. I distracted it, Caeser held the axew, and Conner hopped on. But there was a problem, Hydreigon couldn't fly right after I lowered its accuracy. Nonetheless, we flew to the others. Somehow we managed to break right through the caves roof onto the other side of the gorge. "Haha we did it guys!" Conner said. "Next time, don't be so reckless." Nathan Said. "I thought he was brave." Argued Bridget. Conner smiled. Then Caeser said. "Glad I didn't miss out on this one!" Me too Caeser, me too. Then for some reason, Lily just got out of her pokeball. "Did I miss anything." She asked. Well um, kinda. "Come now, we can rest at the nearby Florice Town." Said Nathan. Then Bridget said "Florice Town?! They're holding a contest there! Can we go Conner?" "Of course!" He replied. "Now axew, I was wondering, would you want to join my team?" He asked. Axew replied yes. "Okay then, lets go!"
To be Continued...