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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 5

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
Before we left the center, the nurse suggested that we go to the nearby gym. As we walked out Conner said, " I wanna challenge the gym, but I need another Pokemon. The Creek!" Conner said excitedly. I realized he couldn't send either Caeser or me into the creek for long. Caeser asked, " Can you go into the creek? Ya know since you used a full power magnitude on me." He just justified that I should go into the creek with my own past mistake. It was genius. A few seconds after we entered the creek Conner said, " That one. That magikarp" I. Was. Humiliated. He sent me into the creek just for a magikarp?! It only took one move to weaken and catch it. Bridget thought it was gross, and Caeser thought it was... Perfect. "I think you look like you should be named... Lily!" Said Conner. So there, now we're stuck with a lvl. 11 magikarp. Oh ya, forgot to mention that I'm lvl 17 and Caeser is lvl 13. To be continued...