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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 2

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
Now, Conner LOVES to battle. So well, we battled. A few days after Conner took me in, we ran into a cocky looking trainer. He said, "Hey hotshot, still got that weak chimchar of yours?" Conner said, " Caeser is not weak Austin. And now I have a new pokemon, too. He's a sandshrew named Milo." Said Conner Angrily. Austin said, " You come up with the dumbest nicknames. How about we settle this with a battle." Then, Caeser said " Wish me luck!" Once again, so calm and collected. And just like that, a battle began. Austin sent out a piplup. Conner sent out Caeser. Austin said, "Piplup, water gun full power!" Conner said "Dodge and use ember!"
Blasts of fire and water spewed everywhere. But the fire wasn't Caeser's ember attacks, it was the fire in Caeser and Conner's eyes. Eventually, both Pokemon fainted. Then, Austin sent out a shinx with an odd coloring. And Conner sent me out. Conner said " Use magnitude, go!" The shinx didn't even get to attack. Conner said. "Yes, we won! We did it." Austin stormed off without saying anything. Caeser said, "Congrats, you really proved your worth. Hey do you have a story?" To be continued...