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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 19

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
The creature seemed to be a Salamence,but it had razor sharp red teeth,red eyes,and blood stains all over it. It also had many wounds from previous battles,battles that it probably won. "Use Hyper Beam.",Said Nathan. It hit me so hard that I could feel the aftershock for hours afterwards,but something pushed me to get up. "How could you do this?" I wanted to ask Nathan. It didn't matter,even if he could understand me,it didn't matter. The other Team Gamma Members were dragging Bridget away. I used Rapid Spin. "Dodge. Then Use Flamethrower.",Said Nathan Rapid Spin did little to no damage,but when flamethrower hit I couldn't take it. I couldn't see,let alone stand up. "GRAAAAHHHHHHH!" I screamed. Then I heard a voice come from Nathan's phone. "The Mission was a success,we have the girl,and now the boy will follow." The female voice said. "Retreat,the mission is a success." Said Nathan. It was finally over,but I still couldn't see. Something was wrong. Before I blacked out,I could hear the fire department's sirens. We were saved.