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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 17

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
The boy who attacked us had a grotle,a dratini,and a Raichu. He sent out his grotle. Conner sent out Caeser. "Grotle use vine whip!" Said the boy. Caeser was ready to counter the move,but it hit Nathan instead. "Ahhhh!" Nathan screamed loudly. "Grrrr... Caeser use flame wheel!" Conner said angrily. It was super effective on grotle. "You don't understand that man is a criminal,and I'm here to abduct him!" Said the boy. "Who,Nathan? Nathan is NOT a criminal." Said Bridget. The boy shrugged. "Grotle leech seed,go!" The boy said. And just like that,Caeser was getting pulled to the ground by roots that drained his health. He couldn't move. "Caeser return,go Zach!" Said Conner somewhat angrily. "Zach,use dragon rage!" We were lucky that grotle fainted. "Go,dratini!" Said the boy. Conner kept Zach in battle. "Dratini,use extreme speed!" Said the boy. It looked like Zach took a lot of damage. "Zach,use dragon rage!" Said Conner. " "You too dratini!" Said the boy. Zach's dragon rage was stronger than Dratini's "Finish him off,use dragon claw!" Said Conner. Zach had defeated Dratini. "Raichu,go!" Said the boy. Conner sent me out,but not because I was a ground type,but because he believed in me like always. "Milo use Magnitude!" Said Conner. "Raichu take down,now! Screamed the boy. I took some damage,but it looked like Raichu took much more. "Good job Milo,now use slash!" Said Conner. "Iron tail Raichu!" Said the boy. He looked as if he was going to explode. I lunged foward at Raichu. He moaned in pain. Raichu got up though,and used Iron tail. "Raichu Take down!" The boy yelled. "Milo use mud slap!" Said Conner Raichu collapsed. "We won!" Shouted Conner. "No,no you haven't. You don't know what you're getting into Conner and Bridget. Get as far away from that criminal as you can." Said the boy. "How did he know our..." But before Bridget could say anything else,Smoke rose in the air. We were knocked out. We were taken to the Hospital/Pokemon Center combo. We soon woke up. "I can't believe he knew our names." Said Bridget. "Ya. Ummm... Bridget? Do you think what he said about Nathan was true." Asked Conner. "No,and know that none of us is a criminal,especially you." Said Bridget. Conner Smiled. Nathan was reading a magazine,and most of the others were resting "Hey Milo,you battled really well!" Said Caeser. "Thanks Caeser. You did too." I said "I think it is time to go to sleep." Said Nathan. (The rest of the story will be told in Nathan's perspective.) Hello boss. Um...bad news. They are on to us. No,but if they interfere any more they Could blow my cover. But when we are done,everything will "reset".