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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 16

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
We ran all the way to Starburn City. "I'm really tired." Said Conner exhaustedly. "Me too." Replied Bridget. Nathan took Conner to a hospital,while Bridget took all of the pokemon to the Pokemon Center. I was glad to see that Caeser was okay. Nathan walked into the Pokemon Center. "How's Conner?!" Bridget asked nervously. "He is okay. The doctors say that he will be out of the hospital in about 3 hours." "Phew!" Said Caeser. I'm also relieved Caeser. Bridget let all of the Pokemon out. Skyrush,the newly named Skarmory was happy to meet us all. "You all seem nice." Said Skyrush. "Thanks!" Said Zach. Lily didn't talk too much. She was never talkative. It was a different story for everyone else. Caeser seemed to have a crush on Aipom. So,I went to talk to him about it. Uh... Caeser, do you have a crush on Aipom. "Wha.. What no! What makes you think that?!" Um... The fact that you don't stop talking to her. "Uhhhhh..... Hey look Conner's here!" I turned around, Conner looked better than ever. Bridget ran up to him. "Oh thank goodness I thought you could've died. You were being an idiot when you tried to save me! But... It was also sweet of you." "Thanks!" Said Conner. "Guys,there's a buffet nearby,and I wondered if we could eat there. "Sure." Said Nathan. But before we could go anywhere,we were attacked!