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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 15

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
A Team Gamma grunt sent out a tyanmo. "Use shock wave on the girl!" Shouted the grunt. Conner blocked the attack. I looked horrified. Not at Conner, but at Caeser. His ability blaze had kicked in. "GrrrrrrRAGH!" Screamed Caeser angrily. "Conner!" Yelled Bridget. Nathan wasn't getting attacked at all. Meanwhile, Caeser was out of control. He used Mach Punch, ember, and scratch. He was making the destruction worse. "Muk,use sludge!" Said a grunt. I then used mud shot. I realized that we were outnumbered,even if Bridget had sent out her and Conner's Pokemon. "Bayleef use razor leaf, Aipom use double slap,Bagon us dragon breath!" Shouted Bridget. But as hordes of sevipers, Rhyhorns, Muks, Houndour, and more attacked,I realized that we didn't stand a chance. Bridget helped Conner up as he limped out of the cave. We all followed. The grunts let us get away. "Why didn't they attack you Nathan?" Asked Conner quietly. "I guess I got lucky." Replied Nathan. Conner then said "Caeser." He started running as fast as he could to the cave. Bridget and followed. Caeser was on a rampage. He kept screaming "Conner!" He then looked at Conner. He realized that he was okay. After he realized this, his rampage stopped,and Caeser collapsed. "Caeser!" Yelled Conner. He picked him up,ignoring his own injuries. We all got out of the cave again. "Starburn City isn't to far away,we can make it!" Said Nathan. Conner and Bridget agreed to go. "Are you ok?" Asked Bayleef. Yeah, I'm okay. We all started running towards Starburn City. No one pursued us. To be Continued...