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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 14

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
We made it to Moonrock Village right before nightfall. I realized why it was called Moonrock Village. It was because the terrain looked just like what it would look like on the moon. "THIS is Moonrock Village. I expected it to be, how do I put this... Less Rocky, more comfortable, and better looking." Complained Bridget. " Relax, With my cellular phone I registered 2 nights for us at a hotel." Said Nathan. "Where is it?", asked Conner. "Follow me ." Said Nathan. The hotel was nothing like the rest of the village. "WOW! So high class!" Said Caeser. "How did you pay for this?" Asked Conner. "Let us just say I have... insurance." Said Nathan suspiciously. We were given the key to the room. It was a huge suite with a flat screen tv, a PC, 3 King size beds, 6 pokemon beds,a bathroom with a TV, a mini fridge, and a pantry filled with high class food. Conner and Caeser went straight for the pantry. After settling into the room, we all decided to go to bed. I slept with Bayleef, Caeser slept with Aipom,Axew slept with Bagon, Lily slept in the pool, Skarmory slept outside. The trainers slept alone. "That must be nice for them", said. Caeser, pointing to Bayleef and I."I think it's nice to be with you." Aipom whispered. Caeser blushed. We all fell asleep. The next day, we decided to explore the Moonrock Mine. It was a popular tourist attraction. "Right this way." Said Nathan. But just as we entered the cave... Team Gamma attacked!