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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 13

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
After leaving Florice Town, Conner and Bridget wanted to each catch a flying pokemon. "How about we go to Dusk Mountain. It has plenty of flying types." Nathan suggested. "Sounds good to me." Said Conner. Caeser and Zach were then sent out. "I can't wait to get to Dusk Mountain!" Said Zach cheerfully. "Me too! I'm thinking... Skarmory!" Said Caeser. "I wonder what they talk about," Said Bridget. She clearly had no idea. Turns out, Conner had the same idea as Caeser. "Look! A Skarmory!" Shouted Conner. We engaged it. "Caeser go! Use flame burst!" Yelled Conner eagerly. But I could tell that Skarmory could take a hit or two. It then used air cutter, a super effective move. Turns out, our moves were super effective to. "We're down to the final blow! Use Mach punch!" Said Conner. It was a direct hit. Afterwards Conner threw a great ball. We caught it. We didn't even notice that Bridget caught a tailow. "I like your Pokemon. Said Conner. "Thanks, same with yours." Said Bridget. Bayleef just banged her head against the wall. So did I. "Now, let us get to shelter. It is nearly nightfall. Let us go to Moonrock Village. We can sleep there for the night, and then travel to Starburn City." Said Nathan. "Ok!" Agreed Conner. "If Conner's going,I'm going." Said Bridget. So off we went to Moonrock Village. To be continued...