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My Pokemon Story: The Story of Milo Part 11

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe
When Chikorita evolved into a Bayleef, she was more beautiful than ever. Bayleef ran and caught Bridget, and saved her from falling 20ft off of the elevated stage. The crowd cheered. Conner was relieved. The results came in about 3 hours later. "I qualified I qualified!" Yelled Bridget. We were all very happy for her. We went back into the Pokemon Center/Inn to rest. Afterwards, we decided to challenge the 2nd gym. The leader's name was Rory. "Let's go beat that gym!" said Conner. This time, I was as enthusiastic as him. Before we battled the gym, he gave Lily some TMs. "How about... Water pulse, scald,and hyper beam?" Conner asked. Lily nodded yes. The sign said that it was a rock type gym. We entered the gym. "Welcome to my gym." Said Rory. "Let's just cut to the chase. If you win, you get the cliff badge. Now, let's get this over with." Said Rory. "Lily,go" said Conner. "Rhyhorn, go! Use Rock Slide." Said Rory. Lily got hit. It was super effective. "Lily, use scald!" Said Conner. Rhyhorn tried to dodge the attack, but it was too quick. Rhyhorn was burnt. "Lily finish it, use water pulse!" Said Conner, enthusiastically. "Rhyhorn, take down!" Said Rory. Lily barely survived the hit. Rhyhorn fainted. "One pokemon left. Better make it count. Go, graveler!" Said Rory. "Lily, bite go." Said Conner. "Dodge and use rock throw!" Rory yelled. It did exactly what Rory said. Lily fainted. Conner then sent me out. I used magnitude. "Graveler use rock smash!" Said Rory confidently. I could hardly use magnitude. The rock smash hit me,and it hit me HARD. "Come on Milo, use mud shot." Said Conner. He sounded nervous. "Graveler, use rollout several times!" Yelled Rory. My mud shot missed. But Graveler's rollout attacks didn't. I felt so exhausted. I felt useless. I remembered when my trainer had me battle the shiny sandshrew for his appeal. After I lost that day, I never battled the same way. Then Conner shouted, "Milo, I know your pain. I know how much pain you're going through. If you wanna quit, we can. But just remember that I fully trust you, no matter what. I realized that all my past pain, it just didn't matter all the sadness, all the pain. I won't let it drag me down anymore. And then, I started to evolve.