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Ask Axsel and Pee: The story of Axsel and Pee page #1

by LilypipYT

LilypipYT By: @Sylveon4life
This is where they meet so I hope you enjoy
It was one stormy night a Cutiefly and a haunter where In the forest then they bumped into each other "ech" Pee groined "huh" Axsel sighed "hi" he replied "h..h..hi I'm p-" then she fainted Axsel quickly put her in his scarf and ran.
  1. LilypipYT
    Feb 20, 2017
  2. *that* gay guy
    *that* gay guy
    Origin story nice love it
    Feb 8, 2017
  3. Eevee is who I am
    Eevee is who I am
    Feb 8, 2017