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The Story of a Survivor: The Story of a Survivor

by CrazyWolf

CrazyWolf The apocalypse that turned everyone insane is finally over, and of course you want to hear the story. Right? *WARNING! This series might not be suitable for younger readers since it will involve cursing and detailed violence/gorey scenery (not crazily detailed, I'm not a psychopath. I only have a pretty messed up mind.) Proceed at your own caution.*
Prologue: The Start of a Story
Oh, hello there! I'm talking to you. Yes you, over there, who's right now reading a story on a computer. Well, atleast I hope you find it entertaining. Shall we begin, then?

My name is Hunter. Ironic, isn't it, since I'm usually the one getting hunted by some crazy motherfuckers. Well, my story in a nutshell is: almost everyone in the world turned crazy and tried to kill eachother, except for me and some other people. I survived, more than half of earth's population was wiped out, and now I'm here, telling my story.

Are you still there. Yes? Well, that's fantastic. Oh, you want to hear a more detailed story? Fine, I'll tell you the entire story,
from the start. Are you sure you want to hear it, 'cause really, I just want to drink my tea right now. Fine, let's begin then. For real, this time.