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The Likara region: The story begins

by Ryanthewatermelon

Ryanthewatermelon Annie:Gym leader
John: Gym leader's dad
Marco: Captain of another boat
Mark: New trainer
John: Mayday! Mayday!
Annie: What? Pop-Pop?
John: The ship is sinking!
Marco: Hey! Get on this boat!
John: okay!
Marco: Where were you guys heading, anyways?
Marco: Annie, aren't you gonna be a gym leader at Likara?
John: Actually, we were headed to Likara.
Marco: Oh.
They soon sail away towards Likara.
Mom: Mark!
Mark: Yeah, Mom?
Mom: It's time to leave and go to the lab!
Mark: Oh right, sorry, I forgot.
Mark puts on his shoes.
Mom: Goodbye!
Mark:See you in....
Mark closes the door.
Mark rides his bike to go to the lab.
He opens the door.
Prof. Maple: Well hey! You must be that trainer that is gonna get his Pokémon!
Mark: Yeah..
Prof. Maple: so choose, Bulbasaur, Charmander, or squirtle?
Mark: Uh...Squirtle!
Prof. Maple: ah, yes! Squirtle! Now, a Pokédex.
Prof. Maple gives him a pokédex.
Prof. Maple:Wait for me outside. I will show you how to catch Pokémon!
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