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The Race To The End: The Starter

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper Season 1 of my new Series: The Race To The End
Professor Acacia: Whats your name?
Professor Acacia: So it's John? (Yes/No)
John: Yes.
Professor Acacia: Ok now let your journey begin.
*John wakes up
John: Yaaawwn.
Grant: Honey come down here now it's Professor Acacia.
John: Huh OH I'm coming.
*John puts on his clothes
Grant: Here.
John: Hello?
Acacia: Sup dawg I need you to come and choose your starter.
John: OH great I'll be right there.
*John hangs up
John: Ok I'm here.
Acacia: Great now choose the. Either the Aqua type: Beef Cake. The Magma type: Takinas. Or the Sapling type: Linkachu?