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The Start

by ekatsu

ekatsu Chapter 1:
The Eevee fled back to her makeshift home where her brother lay, snoozing. "Wake up! Finn! FINN!!" He jumped up, startled and let his fur smooth down when he saw her. "Orchid, what in the name of Arceus are you doing?!" "I almost was eaten by a Pokémon!" She snapped. His eyes widened inn surprise. "What Pokémon? Are you hurt?" He scanned her body for injuries. "Did it follow you?" He look behind her as if he expected the Pokémon to jump out at them. "Slow down! It was a purple one and huge too. It had fangs and it hissed and-"
"An Arbok?! You fought an Arbok?!"
"Well, I didn't really fight it..."
"Those things are deadly, they can kill you with one bite of their poison fangs."
She stopped him and replied, "I think I found a better home for us." Finn was listening closely. "It's in a cave, not far from here. There's a stream and a waterfall in there, and outside the cave are more berries than we can count. Best of al, no trainers!"
He looked at her. "Well maybe it was a good thing that you ran away in the middle of the night to explore..."
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