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The Stargazers: The Stargazers prolouge *a story to be told

by Starry Phantump

Starry Phantump Disclaimer:I do not own Kirby or Nintendo, all OCs in this story belong to me.
Hello everyone and welcome to the first chapter...well more like prolouge of my new story the Stargazers this is a Kirby story and involves my Kirby OCs and this chapter will explain everything
Once upon a time there lived the world of popstar,a place where peace resided everywhere,Hell and Heaven lived along with the people of popstar,one of the devils of hell and an angel from heaven fell in love as time passed four baby creatures were born,three girls and a boy, a devil and an angel, but the other two children were not a devil nor angel this confused the parents, however, they still treated them like their children,but one day two of the children went missing mysteriously this devastated the parents other then that horrific time,The family lived happily and harmlessly for years ,but all great things must come to an end, a strange disease spread across the world but only affected the devils and angels the parents of the young creatures were aware of what would happen to them,but were more afraid of what would happen to their children,to protect the the young children they were gifted by their parents,for the angel a bow that can create magical arrows at will,for the devil a gift of psychic abilities capable of telakenesis, and telepathy,these gifts were magical and sheilded the children from the disease,sadly their parents did not make it they past from the disease after putting the children to bed for one last time.The disease soon vanished after the angels and devils of the world became extict all but the two children.

*400 years later*

The children have grown up to 14 years of age in normal creature years, one of them goes by the name of Core the angel,Core was a hard fighter who was very devilish dispite the angelic halo that floated above him,however he helps anyone that deserves it,his bright red eyes show the cruelness inside him,he looks after his sister protecting her and keeping her happy.The other sibling goes by Charmy she is a happy go lucky girl with her light green eyes and cheeks show the cheerfulness of her she always tries to cheer her brother up as well as keeping his devilish side in check.She wears a white hat with glimmering yellow stars,a gift from her brother, she however is a devil and has her horns she hides them under her hat feeling embarrassed to show them,the other two children have yet to be reunited with Core and Charmy.
The two sibling don't really have a home with both the angelic and demonic sides of popstar no longer existing they simply travel and camp whenever night falls gazing at the stars every night believing that those stars were angels and and devils looking down upon them,guiding them to their sisters.This is where the story begins
  1. Starry Phantump
    Starry Phantump
    Now that the prolouge is complete time for the actual chapters
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    May 6, 2017